5 Ingredients to Look For in a Natural Product

natural ingredients in beauty products

When you see a product labelled as “natural”, it’s easy to assume that this product is healthier than alternatives not indicated as such. However, just like some synthetic ingredients are better than others, there are certain natural ingredients which have more benefits and are better for you than others. So if you spot a product […]

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Review: Odylique Balancing Citrus Super Tonic

Odylique Balancing Citrus Super Tonic (organic, vegan)

I am a huge fan of Odylique by Essential Care as a brand. They have one of the UK’s largest ranges of certified organic skin care and their products are hand-made and free from parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrance, petroleum, mineral oil, glycols, sulphates and all other potentially toxic chemicals. Odylique products are especially suitable for sensitive skin […]

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