Rapeseed oil: nutrition and its health benefits

It’s been more than a year since I’ve been using rapeseed oil and I remember very well how it all started. I was in a supermarket trying to choose the healthiest oil for cooking, looking at different types of oils and rapeseed oil caught my attention. To be more precise I stumbled upon ‘Borderfields rapeseed oil‘, cold pressed extra virgin oil and what I especially liked about it was that it was produced in UK and was suitable for a high temperature cooking. This is exactly what I needed. I previously used sunflower oil for this purpose, but I learnt that this oil was highly refined and nutritionally weakened. So I decided to give rapeseed oil a try. What I didn’t know was that this was one of the healthiest oils I could buy.

Borderfields rapeseed oil

You will learn from the bottle that Borderfields rapeseed oil is:

  1. Packed full of goodness
    Rich in Omega 3 + 6 with nothing added or taken away
  2. Wonderfully versatile
    Cook with it, drizzle it, use it every day in many different ways
  3. Fully traceable
    Made from rapeseed grown with pride and passion by local farmers

Its multipurpose capabilities make it a great oil to use, not only for roasting and stir frying, but also for baking and dressings! If this oil was organic, it would have been just perfect. However, it is still not that bad, as it’s cold pressed and not chemically treated, which means that its fat profile is not changed and we can still get lots of benefits by using it.

Rapeseed oil vs. olive oil

A bit more research showed that rapeseed oil had more Omega 3 fatty acids than olive oil. However, each of the oils has place in diet and cooking. I will continue using extra virgin organic olive oil for my salads, as it gives salad a nice flavour, but it is also rich in anti-oxidants and good for cancer prevention. Rapeseed is great for high temperature cooking while extra virgin olive oil is not suitable for this as high temperatures modify its molecules and degrade its quality.

When looking at the amount of saturated fat each oil contains, we can see that rapeseed oil contains over half the amount of saturated fat of olive oil. Both oils contain Vitamin E, but it’s the rapeseed oil which contains more.

Rapeseed oil health benefits

Due to the low amount of saturated (or ‘bad’)  fats rapeseed oil is one of the healthiest oils you could use in cooking and diet, especially if you need to watch your cholesterol levels. Being rich in omega 3 fatty acids it contributes to your daily intake of these ‘essential’ fats, helping you to lower your risk of heart disease and also lower inflammation in a body.
It also contributes to your daily intake of vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant helping to slow down processes which damage cells. One spoon (10ml) of Borderfields rapeseed oil will give you 24% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin E. Isn’t this enough reasons for you to use this amazing oil?


What oil do you use for cooking? Have you tried rapeseed oil yet?

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