Work with me

Important notice: Please note that I am currently unable to offer any free advertising on my blog such as reviews in exchange for a product, placement of infographics, guest posts from brands, etc.

If there is anything you can offer me in return for promoting your brand or business, continue to read to learn more about how we could work together.

I am happy to work with companies who offer products, services and items that my blog readers would be interested in knowing about. These products could be organic and natural skin care products, natural hair products, healthy foods, healthy snacks, healthy drinks, natural supplements and vitamins and any other natural and organic products. I also don’t mind reviewing books about health, healthy recipes, nutrition and similar as I love reading books.

I am also open to hosting giveaways and competitions as long as the prizes are what my readers would love.

Learn more about me and my healthy living blog and see whether your products could be a good fit for my blog before getting in touch.

Before agreeing to work with a brand I will check their ethos, ingredients they use, etc. and make sure they meet my criteria before agreeing to try their products.


Just to mention some of the brands I have worked with:


If you provide me with a product/item to review I will write my honest review mentioning all the positives and any downsides (in a professional way), but if my experience with the product is all negative, I would rather avoid posting wholly negative review. For this reason, some of the products/items sent to me for a review may not be featured on the blog. However, I am sure this could be the case only in very rare occasion as I am very selective of what products to test and review.

All the products/items which have been sent for a review will be marked with a * within the blog post to make readers aware I am reviewing a PR sample.

I promote all the reviews and any giveaways on my social media accounts and on suitable websites and communities. Also to mention that my review posts will be SEO optimised, attracting more traffic after the review has been published (good for the brand and their website traffic).

If you are a company and want to work with me as you think your products or services are something that my readers would love, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to working with you!