Affordable sportswear: Buytshirtsonline

In the last few months I’ve been trying a couple of tops from Buythirtsonline* which I was kindly sent for review. Buythirtsonline don’t only sell t-shirts, they also sell sportswear such as vests, shorts, tracksuit bottoms, hoodies and leggings, just to mention some other products you will find on their website. They also specialise in t-shirt printing with all the work carried in-house.

Buytshirtsonline focus mainly on the wholesale, supplying to businesses, sports clubs and schools, however there is no minimum order and anybody can buy from their website, benefiting from really affordable prices. However, if you buy wholesale you will obviously benefit from cheaper prices per product. So I’ve tried two of their tops and here is my review:

Gamegear Ladies Cooltex Sports Vest

Black and pink vest - top part

I tried this vest in Black/Fluorescent Pink colour, size 10 which fitted me perfectly. The fit is not too tight (which I wouldn’t want) but still figure hugging and works very flattering on my pear shaped figure. It feels very relaxed, comfortable and light and I feel good in it while wearing it.

At first sight I thought it was see-through but after wearing it I realised it’s fine. When you look at the fabric under the strong light it seems like it’s see-through but when you wear it on your skin this is not an issue (as long as you wear a sports bra underneath which I am sure you would!). 

Black and pink vest - bottom part

The fabric is made of 100% polyester with Cooltex moisture management which helps you keep cooler during the workout. Its moisture wicking ability will make you feel less sweaty and more comfortable during intense workouts.

I tested this top in the spin class and it performed really well. I should really be wearing moisture wicking tops for the indoor cycling class all the time but I never bought any so this was the first one to test. Comparing to the cotton clothing, this is just amazing – it’s so much lighter and comfortable and I don’t feel as hot as I would in my usual t-shirts.

Doing the squat wearing the vest
Doing the squat wearing the vest

Because of its length and shape it may not stay down the whole time, covering half of my bum (but this could be because of my body shape), especially if you are bending like you do during the spin class. I didn’t find the length an issue (I am 5’6 tall) as I prefer longer tops anyway, but some people may prefer shorter tops. I think it all depends on what activity you are doing. If it has to be pulled down from time to time, it has to be, I don’t see it a problem. I also did some other workouts wearing it and I found it great, definitely my favourite out of the two tops sent to me.

Spiro Women’s quick dry short sleeve t-shirt

Spiro quick drying t-shirt

The other top from Buytshirtsonline I tried is a basic black t-shirt with quick dry performance fabric. I was sent this instead of another top which I wanted to try but I think they didn’t have it in stock. The fit of this t-shirt is more relaxed comparing to the vest above, but I didn’t find it baggy. For me it was good as I do like looser fitting tops like this one anyway – sometimes you just don’t want to wear tight fitting clothes especially when you feel bloated (before your period for example).

Spiro black t-shirt

I’ve been wearing this top for spin classes and it works better for me than cotton clothing, however when it comes to keeping me cool it’s the vest above that I prefer. What I like about this t-shirt is its shape which is specifically designed for women. I think it would look better if it had some bright colour added to it instead of just being plain black. However, this top also comes in other colours such as lime green and navy, in case you think black is boring.

Overall, it’s not bad, I washed it several times and it’s still keeping its colour.

Would I recommend Buytshirtsonline?

From what I tried I am happy to recommend them. Have a look at their website and see whether you can find some good sportswear for yourself. I did find that they have more choice for men than women, which is a bit disappointing. Also to note, their delivery charge is £3.95 for orders under £10 and more if your order is worth more than £10. As they offer really affordable sportswear I think the high delivery charges can be excused but the best it to buy in bulk (maybe buy together with your friends, boyfriend, etc.)

* PR sample, my honest opinion always provided