How to be active when you feel lazy

lazy day

It happens to the best of us. We have the best intentions but we fail. Although we all know that exercise is good for us we get days when we just don’t feel like being active. Sometimes, a sofa and Netflix seem to be a more attractive option than going outdoors in dull weather, don’t you think? Or we just feel too tired and really cannot be bothered. One day can easily turn into two and before you know it you are a couch potato!

We all have bad days but many times we don’t exercise because we are simply too lazy.

If you have good intentions but you fail because of your laziness, here are the tips that will help:

Know your ‘why’

Before that moment comes when you feel too lazy to exercise, think a little bit about why you should exercise. What is your motivation to be more active? If you don’t have any motivation you should find it. To start with, familiarise yourself with the benefits exercise brings. Just to mention a few:

  • Exercise reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Exercise reduces your risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Exercise keeps your heart healthy and prevents cardiovascular disease

Inactivity has a big impact on your health and if this doesn’t really impress you, there are other things to consider.

Would you feel more motivated if you keep in mind that your laziness could contribute to weight gain? Have you ever been heavier than now and how did that feel? Can you imagine going back to that? Maybe this could be your ‘why’?

For me, it’s important to keep active as my knees will get stiff after long periods of inactivity. I have a damaged cartilage and if I don’t exercise I will get a knee pain which occurs when muscles get weak. I know very well what’s like to have a knee pain and never want to go back to that again so this is a great motivation for me.

Once you are clear about how exercise can benefit you and why it’s important to be regularly active, make sure you write it down and put it somewhere where you can clearly see it. This will be your motivation for days when you don’t feel like exercising and this will act as a reminder of why you should stop being lazy.

Plan, plan, plan

We all have our lazy moments. You look outside and the sky is dark and the weather is dull. You then think to yourself: “The weather is so horrible, I really don’t want to go out”. This can stop you from going for a walk, for a bike ride or from doing any other outdoor activities you normally tend to do.

It’s so easy to find an excuse not to exercise and be active, anything will do when all you want to do is watch Netflix series, right?

The good news is there is a solution to this. Before you get to your lazy moments and excuses make a plan with all the activities you would like to do in one week. Set a target or a goal. Write down your plan for every day of the week and it’s ok to have a rest day if that’s what you want.

You could have a target to walk every day for one hour or maybe you want to run three times a week for half an hour. Or maybe you just want to do some workouts from YouTube. It doesn’t matter what it is, just write down all the activities in your weekly planner.

If the activities you are planning to do are outdoors, make sure you plan some alternative activities in case if it rains. On rainy days you may want to focus on indoor activities and going to the gym is one option or you can just use one of the fitness apps or anything else you may think of.

If you can, schedule some activities with a friend or a family member. Like this, you are committing to a workout and you are less likely to avoid it.

Also, it’s a good idea to book in advance things like squash court and various classes.

So you have your plan and then the lazy moment comes. But you’ve already scheduled a workout with your friend and you don’t want to upset her/him, right? And you’ve already booked that squash court so you have to go, right?

Is the weather bad and you don’t want to exercise outside? No excuses there! Just do something else instead and you know exactly what since you put it in your planner!

Find support from family and friends

Exercising by yourself may be boring for some and not really motivating so it’s good to team up with people you know – either your family or friends. Talk to them about your goals and why you would like to keep active and how they can help you. They can help you by exercising with you, motivating you and supporting you when you have your lazy moments. Things are definitely easier when you are not alone.

Buy yourself some new activewear

Buying yourself some new sports clothing is something that should definitely help you keep going. You don’t want to buy some new clothes and then leave them unused because you feel lazy, right? Treat yourself to some nice garments and buy something you look good in. This will definitely motivate you to go to the gym (if you are a member) or for that run or a bike ride.

There are a lot of websites you can browse for some new lovely fitness gear and one that I’ve come across recently is J D Williams so do check them out.

Find some fun activities

One of the reasons why we get lazy sometimes and cannot be bothered is because the exercise we typically do gets boring. We get to the stage when it’s not fun to exercise anymore. Exercise is more like a chore than anything else and who doesn’t hate chores?

If you feel like that, it’s time for you to make some changes. What activities do you enjoy the most? How can you be active and have fun at the same time and not get bored?

Sometimes we just have to think outside the box. Fun activities you could try are things like vigorous dancing, bounce classes, aerobic classes, table tennis, etc. Just think about what you loved to do when you were a child. Can you bring that into adulthood?

Doing something enjoyable and fun will definitely stop you from being lazy and inactive.

How do you motivate yourself to be active and what do you do when you feel lazy?


  1. Wow!
    Awesome post!
    This is reality and effective.
    I am lazy …so lazy…. will implement your strategy 🙂
    Thank you!

  2. I do tend to get lazy with my ‘injury proofing’ exercises that I do to keep my glutes and core strong to power my running. Reminding myself of the benefits of keeping up with these execises is a good incentive, especially remembering the times I could not run because I did not look after my ‘running engine’ very well. I sometimes do these in front of the telly to beat boredom. Great article!

    1. I can understand that the repetitive exercises can get boring, I was in the same position once when I was recovering from a knee injury and had to do specific exercises daily – it was boring but the thought of having painless knee was more than enough to keep me going. Yes, definitely reminding ourselves of benefits can play a big part in doing something or not. I am glad you enjoyed the article Timea!

  3. Loved it ! I am so lazy at times may be because of the weather it gets so hard to exercise. But i’ll try to implement these ! Thanks for sharing Petra.