How to get yourself motivated for exercise when… it feels impossible


Today I have a guest post for you from Samantha who writes for Coco Butter Blog. She put together some great motivational tips to help you stay active when you don’t feel like it. We all know the benefit of exercise, right? Here are her tips:

Get yourself some new fitness clothes

If you love fashion, buying some running/dancing/cycling clothes that you really love will encourage you to get out there and get exercising. You’ll look great doing it and you won’t want to waste the money that you’ve spent on your new clothes. Try Fabletics, Boohoo Fitness and Victoria’s Secret for the cutest fitness wear.

This also makes sure that you’re properly equipped, making exercise more comfortable. The right trainers with help keep your feet and joints protected from high impact exercise and breathable sportswear will keep you cool. 

Reward yourself

Whenever you complete a new fitness goal get yourself a little reward. Once you’ve completed a week of exercising every day, go out for dinner or, if you’re feeling really good, a new pair of shoes. 

Don’t weigh yourself

If you’re exercising specifically to lose weight rather than to just keep fit then one of the worse things you can do is religiously check the scales every day. Muscle weighs more than fat, so even though you might be getting rid of excess fat, you might not actually weigh any less. Instead measure yourself by how your body looks – are you more toned than you were previously? – and by how your clothes fit. 

Imagine how you’ll feel once you’re done

If you’re finding it difficult to get out of bed in order to do your morning workout or getting up off the sofa for your evening run then just imagine yourself afterwards. You know how good about yourself you feel when you’ve completed your exercise routine so just imagine this feeling. Exercise increases feel-good endorphins so you’ll feel immediately happier plus you’ve got the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve been good for the day! 

Find some fitness friends

Keeping fit is always way more fun with friends so rope in your best pals to exercise alongside you – this way, you can combine your 5km run with gossip about the latest goings on in your group. Your friends will persuade you to get going when you just don’t feel like it by piling on the pressure and guilt-tripping you – in a good way. Not only this, but you definitely won’t want to feel like the most unfit one in the group and so you’ll be keen to keep up with the rest of them. 

Find the exercise you love

It’s a lot easier to motivate yourself to do something you love rather than force yourself to do something you hate so find the exercise that works the best for you. Running a marathon might not push your buttons but taking part in some tennis lessons might be more your thing. If you love getting down in the club, translate that to Zumba class. If you’re an adrenaline junkie try surfing or paddle-boarding. If you’re stressed in your day to day life try relaxing yoga. There’s something for everyone so keep trying different things until you find the one for you.

Author bio:
Samantha writes for Coco Butter Blog – a fashion, beauty and lifestyle resource full of make-up tips, fashion shoots and restaurant reviews. From the best bars in London to learning the latest strobing techniques – if it’s happened, you’ll read about it on the blog!
You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


  1. This is solo true. I really didn’t want to run last night. But I motivated myself and felt so good that I did! xx

  2. Some great tips. The clothes one def works for me, I’m more likely to do it if I’ ve spent the money!