What is the best exercise to lose weight?


When you are trying to lose some weight, the recommendation is to exercise in order to speed up weight loss. But which exercise is better? Which one is the best for weight loss? Is there a type of exercise that is better than another when trying to lose weight? Does it actually matter what type […]

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The Benefits Of Full Body Workouts

full body workout

Going to the gym is one way of being more active and improving your general fitness. Some people prefer this than exercising at home as it motivates them more. Many people who visit the gym often decide to focus on different parts of their body depending on the day. This is called split-style training and […]

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Top tips for working out at home

home fitness equipment

Now it’s the time when many people are looking to lose weight so that they can look their best on their summer holiday and that includes me! I’ve been actually working really hard to lose all the weight that I gained in winter so that I look good in my summer clothes. I’ve already lost […]

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My favourite Peak District walks

Blackwell Mill cottages on the edge of Peak District

The Peak District National Park is one of my favourite places for hiking and over the years I visited it many many times, always trying to discover new places and villages that I hadn’t visited before. The Peak District is huge so I haven’t been everywhere but I still managed to visit some of the […]

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5 Sports to Try This Summer

playing tennis

With spring here, and summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and take up a new sport. Whether it be hitting balls with golf drivers or striking footballs into a goal, getting out and about this summer can have a positive impact on our bodies […]

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A Guide to Cardio in the Gym or At Home

indoor cycling machines

Cardio exercises are highly recommended for both a good state of health and burning those stubborn fat deposits that don’t want to leave your side. But cardio is not a magic training routine, it requires effort and dedication and it only works when done right. This is why it’s important to know the pros and […]

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The Best and Worst Exercises for Waist Shaping


The Internet is a minefield of celebrity fitness trends and advice, so it can be difficult to navigate through to the right help for what you’re trying to achieve. If you are looking for ways to shape and tone your waist, here is a quick and easy guide to show you the best waist shaping […]

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How much exercise do you really need to stay healthy?

sports shoes

Do you know how much physical activity you need in order to stay healthy or to improve your health? Alarmingly, not that many people know the recommended weekly amount of physical activity, in fact, only 38% of women are able to identify the correct time period recommended by health experts (150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity […]

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