What I do when I don’t feel like going to the gym


We all know exercise is good for us and essential part of a healthy lifestyle. I am well aware of that and every week I do my best to be as active as I can be, especially because I have an office job. Every day I try to go for a short walk during my lunch hour and I also try to do three exercise sessions during the week.

On Mondays I tend to do the home workout, on Tuesday I go to the spin class and on Thursday I go to the gym for a general workout. At the weekend I like to go for long walks or do some cycling if the weather permits. All good. But sometimes I really don’t feel like going to the gym. It normally happens when I don’t get enough sleep and I feel too tired to exercise.

The problem is that after sitting at my desk for long hours at work I shouldn’t really be inactive when I get home. So what do I do when I really don’t feel like going to the gym after work? Here’s what:

1. I do the housework
So I come home feeling a little bit guilty because I didn’t go to the gym. I know I have to do something so I decide to do some housework. Imagine scrubbing your bathroom or whatever grime you have in your home? What about vacuuming, mopping and cleaning the windows? If you do any of this you will still be active, just in a different way. 

2. I do a short workout at home
Getting to the gym, changing into your gym clothes, showering and getting home all takes time. Sometimes it’s just the thought of doing all this that puts me off (although I shower at home). Sometimes I am not in a mood for the gym but I am still happy to do a home workout. Exercises which I often do at home are: lunges, squats, plank, bridge, sit-ups, exercises with a band and if I feel like it some push-ups on my knees.
Remember, short workout is better than no workout at all. And you don’t need any equipment to exercise at home, just think squats for example. 

3. I go for a walk
When I know I am not going to the gym on a particular day, sometimes I choose to go for at least 30-minutes walk. I find it that the best time to go for a walk is straight after work. So I don’t even come home. I go for a walk first because once I am home it’s difficult to get myself ready to go out again.

4. I go for a bike ride
Sometimes I don’t feel like going to the gym because the weather is nice so I’d rather spend time outdoors, cycling. So much better being active outdoors than going to the gym! Sunshine makes a big difference and instead of cycling you could be out playing badminton, tennis or just playing with your kids (if you have any).

5. I relax
If I am really really tired (in the worst case) I will just make myself a dinner and then relax afterwards. If I am less active one day, the world is not going to end and maybe my body needs some rest anyway so why not have it? There’s still the following day when I can choose to be more active. Sometimes it’s ok not to worry too much about your exercise regime and just relax. One day won’t make too much difference.

What do you do when you don’t feel like going to the gym or exercising?


  1. Great post ! Really useful for so many people we cant all be super motivated to got the gym everyday !

    1. That’s right, going to the gym often could be a challenge for some but there are always alternatives if you really don’t want to go. And in the worst case if you just decide to relax at home, it’s still ok..

  2. I guess I can go along with numbers 1, 3 and 5. I couldn’t even imagine having the time to head to the gym everyday. I admit to being something of a snob when I see the same guys pumping iron everytime I go. I just know they are there every day – probably with a pillow and convertible gym bag/ pillow… It can’t possibly be healthy (in respect to mental health) to spend all of your free time on your body. No time to read, play an instrument, volunteer, play with your children (ah! that was number 4!), etc.
    I would also like to add to the list ‘things you can do at the office’: Leg stretches under the desk, ab-flexes at the desk, pressing your arms against each other, and my favourite – getting up, and walking to the employee kitchen (thankfully it’s at the other end of my building) multiple times a day for a glass of water. Our company is perfectly OK with these breaks, and they even installed an ro water filter with these mineral cartridges to keep us healthy. Pretty cool place to work! Although I am definitely not planning on taking a convertable briefcase/ pillow there any time soon.

    1. I couldn’t imagine going to the gym every day either! It would be really boring, I prefer a variety which includes outdoor activities as well. I totally agree – spending too much time in the gym is not healthy!
      And yes, being active in the office is a good idea. I tend to go for a brisk walk during my lunch time and whenever I can I get up from my desk and stretch. Your company sounds great!