Working out at home with Zizz Fit home fitness kit – Review

home fitness kit zizz fit

It’s been quite some time since I stopped going to the gym and since then I’ve been focusing on outdoor activities and home workouts, using 7 Minute Workout app. I like using 7 Minute Workout app but in the light of spicing things up a little bit, I decided to start using a few different accessories to help me stay more challenged and to make my workouts a little bit more interesting. Who doesn’t like a new challenge and at the same time try something new?

The home fitness set from Zizz Fit was sent to me to review and contains the following three products: abs roller (with the knee pad), rotating push-up bars and resistance tube. These products are made of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials which is really appealing to me (not all the fitness equipment available in the market today are like that).

The kit is great for those who’ve been exercising for a while but want to introduce some new workouts and challenges. It is also great for those gym goers who miss a session due to lack of time but still want to do a quick workout at home. And yes, while you don’t need any equipment to work out at home, the Zizz Fit kit will keep you challenged and motivated.

So what did I really think of the whole set? Would I recommend it? Read my full review below to find out…

Abs Roller (or Ab Wheel)

abs roller - zizz fit

You normally find abs rollers in the gym so if the gym is your thing, having abs roller at home for some extra training could be a good idea.

If you haven’t tried the abs roller before, this is one the hardest things you could try. And just some warning, don’t even try using it if you are not fit or haven’t exercised in a long time. You may hurt yourself as this is a hard exercise.

The abs roller requires a lot of strength in your arms and while you are rolling it, you will work on your whole upper body. Rolling with the abs roller is not easy at all. I would say it would suit those more who are already quite fit and strong but want to maintain their strength or want to build it up. I think men will find it easier to use than women.

I must admit that I’ve been doing my best to use it as much as I can but it’s so damn hard. I cannot physically go to the end with this abs roller and then pick myself up. I just don’t have the strength. But I came to a conclusion that you don’t have to go to the end to do your workout. Just go as far as you can and over time your body will become stronger and you will be able to do more and more.

Here is a video on how to use the ab wheel properly:

Rotating Push Up Bars

zizz fit rotating push up bars

Rotating push-up bars are my favourite product from the Zizz Fit kit. I am not the biggest fan of push-ups but since I’ve been doing them as a part of my 7-minute workout, I’ve definitely seen my arms getting stronger and more toned.

I’ve also realised that push-ups are an all-body workout when doing them without modifications (not on the knees). I could feel my arms working, my abs working and finally my legs. But using Zizz Fit push up bars makes things a little bit more enjoyable – I much prefer doing push-ups with push-up bars than without. I think it just makes it a little bit easier in a way of technique – my wrists are not bent at an unnatural angle and as you push yourself up, the bars will rotate, helping you come up.

zizz fit push up bars

My fiance also tried these rotating push-up bars and he loves it. He said it was a little bit harder with them but I thought it was just different, not necessarily harder.

Resistance Tube

resistance tube - zizz fit

The resistance tube that comes in the Zizz Fit home kit is made of stretchable (kind of) plastic which is extremely durable although it doesn’t look like it. When I saw it first I thought it looked a bit cheap but it does work perfectly.

The main exercises you can do with this resistance tube are focused on arms – you can do bicep curls and shoulder exercises. But the resistance tube can also be used for back exercise and other exercises which are not described in the instructions the kit comes with.

I’ve only tried the exercises in the diagram below but later I realised there is so much more you can do with it. I found the exercises from the diagram pretty easy so my first thoughts were that the tube was only suitable for beginners. But you can make exercises harder by making less of a tube available to pull or just try different exercises which are not described below.

zizz fit instructions and exercises

Just look at this guy and the exercises he is doing:

Zizz Fit Home Fitness Set – The final verdict

Zizz Fit home fitness kit won’t be for everybody but it’s great for those who are already following some kind of exercise regime. If you are already a member of a gym and sometimes don’t find the time for it, this could be a great alternative workout. Also, if you want to make your home workouts more interesting and challenging, the Zizz Fit kit would definitely be good for that. You can purchase Zizz Fit home fitness set from Amazon but if it’s not in stock there are also other similar home fitness kits available to consider.

Do you exercise at home at the moment and do you use any equipment or accessories for that?


  1. I’ve never used an ab roller or push up handles before! This kit looks like a really good way to test these out. The guys in the video make them look easy haha!

    1. It’s actually much harder than it looks. I don’t know your fitness levels but I would start with push-ups on the knees and some ab exercises before moving forward to try various fitness tools/accessories.

  2. Excellent overview. This set should be enough to maintain the quality of physical shape. I think you can easily take it with you on vacation.