6 Easy Ways to Keep Fit While Travelling

keeping fit when travelling

Are you concerned about piling on the excess pounds when you’re off on your next holiday? It’s fairly natural to gain a little extra weight off the back of a vacation, so it’s important to try your best to stick to a relatively decent workout routine.

Today, we’re going to explore five ways you can keep fit while travelling the world. If you take heed of what we suggest here, you’ll find the pounds will stay away far more easily than you imagined.

1. Go on an active holiday

Unsurprisingly, keeping yourself as active as possible is the best way to stay fit. This isn’t easily done if you’re on a tour of every hamburger store across the US, but there are holidays out there which will cater perfectly to this kind of necessity.

You’ll be able to get involved with hikes, kayaking trips and potentially even deep sea dives – all of which provide a solid level of cardiovascular exercise for holidaymakers. These trips are perfect because they encompass both fun and exercise.


2. Stick to your routine

It might be challenging, but try as hard as you can to stick to your regular routine. Most people will naturally let this slip as a result of being away and falling into a frame of mind which allows them to be lazier.

Try your best to stick to the routine which got you into the amazing shape you were in in the first place. If you falter from the path you’ll be able to get back on it eventually – but it will take hard work and dedication. It’s easier to never stray at all.

3. Avoid public transport

Public transport is a handy means of getting about, but it does have its downsides on your holiday. For one, it’ll take a much bigger bite out of your wallet – with the price of transport naturally more expensive than walking from point A to B.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly for us, steering clear of public transport is going to help boost the amount of walking you do on a daily basis. Keep yourself as active as possible by walking that extra few miles, as opposed to being ferried there.

walking by the beach

4. Watch what you eat

What goes into your body will always have a massive determining factor on how much weight you put on. Calories don’t “mean less” just because you’re out having fun. Eating an entire pizza all by yourself isn’t any less of a strain on your body just because you’re on vacation.

When it comes to the stats themselves, the numbers are a little alarming. Take a look at how many calories are in a number of different snack foods, with some of the worst culprits being:

  • Pizza – 1000 calories
  • Fish and chips – 838 calories
  • Hamburger and fries – 629 calories

5. Swim

Weight Loss Resources recommend swimming as one of the best ways to stay as fit and healthy as possible, with the exercise working practically every muscle in your body, as well as stamina levels.

What makes this a particularly perfect routine to get into on holiday, is the fact that pools (or the sea) are readily available to swim in on most holidays. It should never be too hard to find a body of water to take a dip in. To make your swims more comfortable make sure you wear a good pair of goggles.

Have these tips helped you when it comes to thinking about how to stay fit while you travel? Take heed of our list and reap the rewards as you manage to maintain a fantastic base level of fitness.


  1. Great tips! I couldn’t agree more with avoiding public transport when traveling. I prefer walking around a new city because not only am I able to get in a workout, I’m also able to see and appreciate the sights a whole lot better! Plus, it saves me a lot of money too! 🙂

    1. I totally agree, I love exploring new cities by foot as you get to see so much more!