6 Infused Water Recipes to Get You to Hydrate More

They say health is wealth, and nothing is better for your body than ensuring good hydration! However, the lack of flavor in water may be daunting for some to keep up with their hydration needs throughout the day.

1.   Cool as a Cucumber

Keep cool throughout the day with an ice-cold glass of leveled up cucumber water! Muddle up some sprigs of fresh mint into a bottle, fill with pure drinking water, and add in a couple of slices of cucumber. Drink fresh, or let the flavors infuse for an hour in the fridge for an extra boost in cooling factor!

For a flavor upgrade, add in some sliced lemon, celery, and ginger – the ultimate invigorating twist! Cut up the mint and cucumber into tiny pieces, place in your ice cube tray, and make flavored ice cubes for a refreshment on the go. Just drop a couple of ice cubes into your aluminum bottled water, and enjoy the cool flavors as the ice melts!

2.   Lemon-Lime Fizz

Sparkling water is a great alternative when you’re weaning yourself off from sugary sodas! Add in some slices of lemon and lime, and you’ve got a drink that will help you kick sodas to the curb. Add mint leaves for an extra cooling sensation, or keep it simple using plain water instead of sparkling.

Stick to small batches for this recipe, as the rinds of lemons and limes may give off a bitter aftertaste when soaking in water for too long. Not used to the subtle flavor? Add some honey into the mix for a healthier alternative to sugar!

3.   Nutrient-rich Berry Blast

 Berries are well-known for their high amounts of nutrients. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries all have essential vitamins and minerals we need to keep our immunity up, especially during the flu season. Get your daily dose of health with a berry blast infusion that will hydrate and sustain you!

Chop up your berries into small pieces. The smaller you chop them up, the deeper the flavor of your infused water will be. Let the water infuse in the fridge overnight, and drink up all those essential nutrients! This recipe is best drunk within the day after infusing, as nutrients quickly dissipate in water.

4.   Apple Cider – Without the Cider!

Warm or cold, apple cider is a classic fall treat that gets your blood flowing! But did you know you can have the autumn flavors of apple cider without the cider? This drink is reminiscent of warm nights indoors, cuddled against the fireplace, and reading a good book – and all you’ll need are apples, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves!

Warm up your water as warm water tends to infuse faster. Add in thinly sliced apples, a slice of ginger, whole cloves, and a stick of cinnamon into your mug. Fill up with your freshly-warmed water, and let the flavors infuse for at least ten minutes. Drink up while it’s still warm, or add ice cubes for a refreshing fall drink during the summer!

5.   Warm Lemon Water

Nobody said water had to be cold. If warm water seems more enticing to you, why not try a warm lemon water that is both soothing and refreshing? Slice up half a lemon, and place the slices in a heat-proof container. Fill up with hot water, and enjoy your warm lemon water! You can also add in some thyme for an extra kick, or play around with rosemary and basil.

Warm lemon water is the best drink of choice for those with upset stomachs. Add a slice of ginger, and you’ve got a cold remedy that soothes like no other! Drink a warm glass of lemon water after a big meal to help prevent that dreaded post-meal bloat, and warm lemon water is perfect for those cold, snowy days!

6.   Floral Vacation

Dried hibiscus flowers, orange slices, and pomegranate seeds lend a sunset-red hue to this drink, while transporting you to a tropical island vacation! Infuse your water with the tangy-tartness of orange and pomegranate, and the floral notes of hibiscus. Add a teaspoon of pure honey for a touch of sweetness to tie up those island vacation vibes!

Keep a pitcher of this recipe in your fridge for when you need a pick-me-up. The longer you let all of the ingredients soak and sit, the stronger the flavor. Take some with you on your daily commute, pack up a bottle for your kids’ lunches, or place some in a tumbler for a refreshing drink to help you unwind despite your busy work schedule!

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