8 Kitchen Tools and Accessories that will Make Your Healthy Cooking Quicker and Easier

Sometimes I wish I had everything possible to make my food preparation and cooking quicker and easier, but I don’t. Don’t you wish that as well? My kitchen is pretty basic with a small food processor which needs upgrading. I don’t have many kitchen tools or accessories so no wonder things take longer to prepare than they really should.

Not everybody is aware of this but we can all save a little bit of time in the kitchen, we just need to be shown how – there are hundreds of kitchen tools, accessories and gadgets available which can all help us with food preparation and cooking. Why not buy some of them and use them, saving yourself some time and effort? I had a browse online and found some kitchen tools and accessories which everybody could benefit from. Here are my top picks:

Cookbook holder

I have a few cookbooks at home which I occasionally use, normally at the weekends. I didn’t even realise that there was such a thing as a cookbook holder until I saw a few on LionsHome website. I think cookbook holders are quite cool – they help you stay on your recipe page without much effort. My favourite is this wooden cookbook holder, nothing is better than natural materials, right?

Revolving spice rack

I don’t know about you but my little spice rack has become too small a long time ago. So now, all my herbs and spices are no longer stored in the same place which sometimes can be a pain as sometimes I forget where I put what so I have to look for it.

A bigger spice rack which actually revolves seems a brilliant solution to my problem. So I can find what I am looking for quickly and easily, no time wasted!

Salad spinner

I am such a big fan of salads but I still don’t have a salad spinner! Bad on me, right? This is such an amazing tool to have – put your washed salad leaves in the spinner, spin it around and in seconds you will have almost dry salad, no dripping. This saves time and hassle and I really need to buy one very soon! My sister has it so I have previously used it and it’s really good. Check out one of the best selling salad spinners on Amazon here.

Egg poacher

Poaching eggs is one of the healthiest ways you can prepare your eggs as it doesn’t require any oil and buying an egg poacher will make your life just a little bit easier. There are hundreds available online but you really don’t have to spend a fortune to buy one. I like the simplicity and practicality of this Eddingtons Double Egg Poacher. And it costs only £5.57.

Electric spiralizer

Do you love spiralized veg but getting tired of spiralizing them manually? You can make your food preparation quicker by buying an electric spiralizer. There are so many different electric spiralizers available online today but there is one which stands out with glowing reviews and that’s Morphy Richards Spiralizer.

Electric hand blender

For those soup lovers, an electric hand blender is a must. I love soups and make them at home regularly but I only blend them sometimes and when I do, it’s not the quickest and the easiest – I pour the soup into a small food processor and blend it in two batches. There is a quicker and easier way of blending a soup, of course, and that’s an electric hand blender. If yours needs replacing I found this one from Russell Hobbs on Amazon which has glowing reviews so it must be pretty good.

Vegetable slicer

I eat lots of vegetarian dishes so I do spend lots of time slicing and chopping vegetables. Sometimes this feels like a boring chore and many times I wish things could be easier. Actually, things CAN be easier, I just need to buy myself a vegetable slicer! I had a quick look online and this slicer and dicer grabbed my attention. This is definitely something that will make your food preparation more enjoyable. Now on my wish list!

Pressure cooker

If you want to cook things faster and have your meal ready sooner rather than later, then a pressure cooker is a must! There are so many different pressure cookers available on the market today but if I was going to get one it would probably be this Instant Pot IP 80 Duo which is not only a pressure cooker but also a slow cooker, a steamer, rice cooker and much more. Anything multi-functional is a win-win for me.

What do you use to make your food preparation and cooking quicker and easier? Do you own any of the tools and accessories mentioned in this post?

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  1. I love my spinny spice rack makes it so much easier than searching the cupboards. Although I should invest in a cookbook holder my books are getting so mucky! x

    1. You already have a revolving spice rack, cool! You are more advanced than me then! 🙂 Yes, I love the idea of a cookbook holder, definitely want to buy one in the future once I live in a bigger house and have a bigger kitchen…

  2. I wrote a very similar blog post a couple of weeks ago!
    The hand blender is a must have because it’s small, doesn’t take too much space and it can do so much.

    1. Love your minimalist kitchen!It’s right to get rid of food processors if you don’t use them but I’m actually thinking of buying a new one, the one that comes with blender attachment, so it’s kind of two in one tool.

  3. These are all so pretty.Great post! I use almost daily, several of the items you have listed in the picture!Thanks for sharing this post.

  4. Wow, so many cool kitchens accessories. All the tools are essential for cooking. I love my vegetable slicer, its make me so easier for my cook. Thanks for sharing this post.

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    You have listed some essential kitchen tools for cooking. I love these all kitchen accessories. Love your article and great kitchen accessories ideas. Thanks for sharing this amazing post. Keep more share.