April is bowel cancer awareness month

April is a bowel cancer awareness month and we should all try to raise awareness of bowel cancer by learning about the symptoms and spreading the word through our friends and family.

Watch and share this video from Bowel Cancer UK:

On Macmillian website you can also access free information booklet about bowel cancer to help you understand the illness better, see what the causes are and what you can do to prevent it. 

 What makes you more likely to develop bowel cancer:

  • Getting older is the single biggest risk factor for bowel cancer. Most people who get bowel cancer (80%) are over 60
  • Having ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease can increase the risk of developing bowel cancer
  • A diet high in red or processed meat and low in fruit and vegetables increases your risk of bowel cancer
  • Smoking tobacco, especially over a number of years, increases the risk of developing bowel cancer
  • Being overweight can increase the risk of developing bowel cancer, especially for men
  • People who aren’t physically active are more likely to develop bowel cancer

What you can do to prevent bowel cancer

Did you know? It’s estimated that 57% of bowel cancers in men and 52% of bowel cancers in women could be prevented by changes in lifestyle.

Make sure you reduce the risk by following these tips:

  • eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables and enough fibre; avoid processed meat
  • be regularly active (walking, cycling, swimming, etc.)
  • monitor your weight and if overweight see your GP to get advice how to tackle this
  • don’t smoke
  • limit how much alcohol you drink
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More than 90% of people (9 out of 10) survive bowel cancer when it’s diagnosed at its earliest stage. 


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