Baldwins: Inner balance tea, #InsideOutBeauty

I am a big  fan of herbal teas and when Baldwins were in touch about their new campaign involving herbal teas, I was happy to get involved. In case you didn’t know, Baldwins are London’s oldest herbalists, established in 1844, as I learnt. They don’t only sell natural remedies and herbs but also natural skincare and haircare products, supplements and essential oils, just to mention some of the products you will find on their website. I am a big supporter of this kind of products so I am really happy to promote them.

Inside Out Beauty

Beauty starts within – what we eat and drink plays a role in how our skin looks as does the amount of sleep and rest we get. But it doesn’t stop here – what we put on our skin matters too and this is what the campaign from Baldwins, ‘Inside Out Beauty‘, is all about. By turning to natural products such as herbal teas, essential oils and health foods, we nourish our bodies inside out.

As part of this campaign, I’ve been set a challenge to create some Herb Art using a mix of Baldwins’ herbs and a personalised card. I am by no means an extremely arty person, but I still managed to come up with my own Herb Art, representing the Inside Out Beauty concept.

Baldwins Herb Art Card

Inner Balance Tea

With all the herbs provided I made a mix which I used to brew some Inner Balance Tea. The tea mix consisted of the following herbs:

  • nettle
  • senna
  • buckthorn
  • marshmallow root
  • dandelion leaf
  • peppermint
  • fennel
  • ginger
  • fresh orange peel
  • lavender
  • violets
  • hibiscus

The herbs had distinctive aromas but what really stood out of all the ingredients was lavender which was quite overpowering and you could taste it in the tea as well. The instructions were to use two teaspoons of the mix for one cup of tea but one teaspoon is more than enough. I had this tea twice so far and I enjoyed it much more the second time (with only 1 tsp of herbs mix). Nothing beats good quality loose herbs to help you relax and cleanse your body from the inside!

Baldwins Inner Balance Tea

As part of ‘Inside Out Beauty’ Baldwins will be posting some helpful guides, tips and hints for how you can give your inner health a boost so stay tuned and make sure you follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Have you heard of Baldwins before and have you tried any of their products?

* I have not been paid for this post. I only received a free bag of herbs to help me write about the company.


    1. I am happy to hear you loved the art I created, I didn’t think it was anything special! The tea was alright the second time I made it – the first one was a little bit too strong.
      I saw your DIY natural beauty recipe cards you created for Baldwinds. I think they are brilliant and really need to share them on my social media.