Gozo Casheese – Delicious dairy-free alternative to cream cheese

vegan cream cheese gozo casheese

I’ve been lucky to win three jars of Gozo Casheese on The Tofu Diaries blog and after trying it I really loved it – it’s such a great dairy-free alternative to cream cheese that it deserves a good mention on my blog. Although I am not a vegan I am always up for trying dairy-free cheeses as eating normal cheese makes my skin break out but also, non-organic cheese contains traces of antibiotics, growth hormones, and pesticides. If you had a choice, which one would you go for: a healthier dairy-free cheese which tastes amazing or normal full-fat cheese which is just not that healthy? I know which one I would choose…

I don’t normally buy cream cheese as it’s not the healthiest but Gozo Casheese it’s such a great alternative that I would happily buy it in the future. It’s handmade using organic, activated cashews and contains omega oils, essential minerals and probiotics.

Activated cashews are raw cashew nuts which have been soaked in liquid for a period of time to make them easier to digest. This process also aims to reduce the phytic acid which blocks the absorption of minerals by binding to them, especially when it comes to zinc, calcium and iron. 

french herb Gozo casheese

Gozo Casheese is not only organic and dairy-free, but it’s also gluten-free and contains no soy. Yay, so many good things about it! What’s more, it contains less fat than the standard cheese (around 20% per 100g, depending on which flavour you choose).

I tried the following flavours: Basil Pesto, French Herb and Chive. There is another flavour available on Gozo Deli’s website and that’s Smoked Paprika

My favourite flavour out of the ones I tried is definitely Basil Pesto. When I first tried it I was like that:  ‘mmmm’, ‘that’s not too bad’, ‘mmm that’s actually delicious’ and ‘how can they create a product like that which is so similar to cheese but better..’. That’s what was going through my mind when trying it. It’s really delicious and full of flavour. It’s pretty thick though so not exactly the same texture as your standard cream cheese.

The other two flavours were not bad either, again, full of flavour and enjoyable.

Gozo’s dairy-free ‘cream cheese’ is great eaten with crackers such as these healthy ones from Asda but you can also use it in your sandwiches, pasta dishes, jacket potatoes and even salads. It’s really versatile which I like.

So where do you buy it from?

You can buy Gozo Casheese from various health food stores across the UK. See a full list of stockists here. You can also buy it direct from Gozo Deli’s website (once they start stocking them again).

Have you ever tried a dairy-free cheese and what did you think?


  1. Hi Petra,

    Thanks for the information. Reading your eating experience of Gozo casheese, I just want to try for it. Glad to hear that it is good for health and comes with delicious and taste. As a person, I love dairy products.

    The flavour which you have mentioned here are really more taste delicious. But the Basil Pesto will be he best choice for me. You have informed very well about the Gozo casheese. I was unaware about it before. I always love eating delicious cream cheese which sounds new for me.

    Thanks for making aware about Gozo Caheese.
    With regards.
    – Ravi.

  2. Oooh these sounds absolutely delicious! I’m delighted to hear that there is now an alternative to cream cheese. Thanks for sharing!