Healthy living: What I bought on Amazon in February

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Amazon is my favourite place when it comes to buying health foods and anything else healthy living related. I love shopping on Amazon because I can get some really good deals when buying in bulk but most importantly the delivery is free. If you haven’t considered Amazon for your health foods shop then now it’s about time!

Here is what I bought on Amazon in February:

Raw honey from Baltic Honey Shop (1kg)

This raw Honeydew honey from Baltic Honey Shop is the most amazing honey I ever bought. It comes from Lithuania where it’s been harvested from the woodlands. It mainly comes from fir tree dew and may mix with other plant nectar that grows in the woodlands. It’s unbelievably flavoursome and sweet, a proper honey I would say!

In case you didn’t know, the raw honey is much better than the one you buy in a supermarket as it hasn’t been heated up and it’s still full of beneficial enzymes. Those enzymes are great for the digestive system but the amount of enzymes present in any raw honey varies. Honeydew honey has high enzyme activity while arbutus honey has virtually no enzyme activity – because it’s produced in late autumn and over-wintering bees have reduced gland activity.

Recently I started having raw honey in a warm water with lemon juice and ginger every morning. This is such a healthy drink which I recommend you start your day with.

Organic ground ginger from Green Cuisine (6 packs)

Since I started consuming ginger every day I thought I would buy it in bulk on Amazon. I decided to go for organic ginger from Green Cuisine which comes from India. Unfortunately, it’s not available to buy on Amazon at the moment but you can still check out other brands which sell organic ginger here.

Ginger has so many amazing health benefits and you should try and consume it every day if you can. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory (great for osteoarthritis and for muscle pain) and it helps with chronic indigestion. It even helps to lower cholesterol levels.

health foods from amazon

Organic white chia seeds from Sevenhills (1kg)

I was going to buy black chia seeds but somehow I ended up buying white chia seeds and that’s totally fine as they are organic. I normally eat chia seeds as part of my breakfast and sometimes I add them to my porridge. Chia seeds are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and are packed with minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Great addition to any diet! They don’t have any particular flavour so you can use them in all kind of dishes.

Vegan Engevita Yeast Flakes

I discovered these yeast flakes last year and their name should not really put you off. These yeast flakes from Engevita have cheesy flavour and are packed with B vitamins. They are great sprinkled over your favourite pasta or rice dish and you can also add them to soups to enhance their flavour. They are much healthier than cheese of course so if your cholesterol is a bit high this is something definitely worth buying. These are essential in vegan diets.

Amazon health foods

Bee Prepared from Unbeelievable Health

This is the best immune support supplement for me I recommend it to everyone because it just works. Last month I ran out of it as I used it for a few days when I was getting some sniffles. This is something that I don’t like to be without so I have now stocked up. Bee Prepared from Unbeelievable Health helps with the first symptoms of cold and it’s also great for hay fever sufferers and those under lots of stress.

Have you tried any of these products mentioned here? Have you bought any health foods on Amazon lately?


  1. Amazon is not the first place I think of when I’m looking for health food products – I’ll make sure I stop by there in the future. I’m going to suggest my daughter (who is recently a vegetarian turned vegan) try the Yeast Flakes….x

    1. I use Amazon so much because I don’t have any health food shops near me (apart from Holland & Barrett) but it’s also much cheaper on there so definitely worth using. Yeast flakes are great for enhancing flavour of various dishes, I am sure your daughter would love them.