Houseplants Create A Healthy Home and a Healthy Night’s Sleep

house plants for healthier home

This post was written in collaboration with Happy Beds; the UK’s fastest growing online bed and mattress store, and also the only UK supplier of the 100% recyclable cardboard bed.

There is nothing worse than waking up after a terrible night’s sleep, especially when you have work the next day. Sleepless nights can really take a toll on our energy levels and our productivity, which is why getting at least 8 hours of sleep is really important.  

If you have recently spent some time browsing the latest interior magazines, or you have decided to follow a couple of home renovating boards on Pinterest, then you would have noticed that houseplants in the bedroom have exploded back onto the scene and are now every interior designers’ bedroom must-have.

Of course, these plants look beautiful and they add a lot more vitality and light to your living spaces, but they also provide relaxing and purifying benefits, which would help us improve our night’s sleep and stop us tossing and turning at night.

Healthy Homes

Plants offer us a great load of benefits, besides of course giving us the oxygen we need to live. Our mood is instantly improved when surrounded by plants, as well as reduced stress levels and our creativity being boosted. Maybe this is why artists always seem to have a load of plants in their homes!

Plants have also been proven to regulate humidity levels, as well as generally improving air quality in the house by filtering out air pollutants and reducing airborne dust levels. These together all help us get a better night’s sleep,

Igor Josifovic is the author of Happy Interior Blog and the hugely popular Urban Jungle Bloggers, a community of plant lovers who inspire each other to live with plants to make their homes greener. He has said:

“plants contribute to a better and healthier living environment, so it comes as no surprise that plants can also be beneficial in bedrooms. There are certain plants that release fresh oxygen during the night and thus enhance our sleep.”

Igor’s blog-partner, the other co-founder of Urban Jungle Bloggers, Judith de Graaff has highlighted the concerns that a lot of people may raise about bringing plants into the bedroom. Judith has said:

“There is a bit of a divide in opinion when it comes to keeping plants in the bedroom, as most common houseplants emit carbon dioxide at night, which is a reverse response to photosynthesis. During the day they do the opposite, converting carbon dioxide to oxygen. But don’t worry, humans and pets produce much more carbon dioxide at night than plants, so you’re good to go and add a few plants to your bedroom.”

What are the best plants for the bedroom?

These are the three most beneficial plants that Happy Beds recommend getting for your bedroom to help improve sleep:


lavender on coffee table

There is no doubt that lavender is one of the top plants to get for the bedroom, as it already has well-known benefits on helping you get to sleep. It is probably the most well-known plant for helping with anxiety levels and inducing sleep, which is why a lot of sleep products are lavender scented. While these products are proven great, why not go for the more natural and cost-effective option and invest in a beautiful lavender plant.


jasmine plant

Jasmine is another plant with double benefits; great sleep and making the room look prettier with beautiful pink and ivory blossoms. It has been proven to reduce anxiety levels, therefore creating a better-quality sleep. It has also been suggested from a previous study that high-quality, deep sleep lets you enjoy increased alertness and greater productivity throughout the day.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera plant for a healthier home

While aloe vera gel is commonly known for soothing sunburn, it also is one of the top plants for improving sleep. It has been listed by NASA as one of the top air-improving plants as it emits oxygen at night, therefore making a more restful snooze. This plant is best to be kept on the bedroom window as it requires a lot of sunlight, although, it can go days without watering.

Overall, houseplants are a great addition to the bedroom as they have many health benefits, including helping you get to sleep. Investing in plants such as jasmine, aloe vera or lavender will be beneficial to getting those extra hours of beauty sleep, all while making your room brighter.


  1. Another great piece!

    I’m relatively new to this topic, thanks for the great introduction.

    Currently, I’m struggling to keep my tiny avocado alive.

    Hope I’m at least getting some oxygen in return. 🙂

    Cheers and keep it up!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post Alex. I have some plants at home already, but looking to expand my collection..