How to Be Productive and Happy Despite the Stresses

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Productivity is something everyone wants deep down, yet can be so challenging to achieve for many. Being productive means, you can be satisfied with the work you’re doing, making it easier to reward yourself for a job well done. It’s a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, and it can take plenty of time and effort to achieve.

For those suffering from anxiety and stress, productivity can feel like the hardest thing in the world to accomplish. After all, if it’s hard enough to get out of bed every morning, how can you expect to tackle a more productive mindset? It’s not an easy question to answer, but it’s something that you can achieve with enough time and effort.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be miserable to be productive. There’s also no reason to push yourself so hard right away. The crucial part is to give yourself enough leeway to tackle productivity in your own time, which brings us to the first tip:

Productivity is all about progress, no matter how small

Everyone handles their responsibilities differently. Some people like to tackle it and get the job done as soon as possible. Others prefer to take their time and spread out the responsibility. Unfortunately, those who suffer from burnout have a challenging time getting back on track, especially with being productive. It’s especially troublesome for those who were once used to multi-tasking and handling their hectic schedule. Unfortunately, burnout tosses everything out of the window, forcing you to start from scratch.

The first step is to acknowledge that productivity is all about progress, no matter how small. You take that first step, and it’ll be easier to take the second, then the third. Don’t think about taking ten steps at a time — it’s all about the first step.

How to enhance rest periods and prepare yourself for work

One way to help encourage you to be more productive is by enhancing rest periods, particularly with wellness products. The significant part about wellness products is they can also be used to encourage you during your responsibilities. For example, coffee is often considered one of the best wellness products, and people tend to consume it to prepare themselves for a challenging day.

If you’re curious about other wellness products, cannabidiol (CBD) has been experiencing a surge in popularity over the past few years. You can buy CBD flower online in the UK if you want to experience its potential health benefits, as it’s often used to ease stress and anxiety.

Making good use of wellness products plays a pivotal role in working toward a more productive lifestyle.

Write down everything in your schedule, even the things you do for fun

Suffering from burnout can be challenging as it can often feel like you have no control over your life. If you want to get back on track, the trick is to start writing down a more comprehensive schedule. The reason why people write a schedule is to help brace themselves mentally for the responsibilities that lie ahead.

Some people have a challenging time enjoying hobbies and doing things for themselves as they don’t plan anything out. Most are often too tired to do anything else and spend their free time idling and watching videos until they fall asleep.

If you take the time to write down the things you want to do, it can give you the motivation you need to go out there and have fun. Plan a night out with friends, even a few weeks ahead and write it down. You won’t regret it.

Tackle exercise the right way

Surprisingly enough, exercise tends to be the one thing that anxious and stressed people are missing from their lives. It’s due to the fact that exercise can naturally uplift the spirit, especially with the release of dopamine which keeps people happy.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a challenge. When you look at all those people going through intense workouts on videos, they didn’t start with the most challenging exercises off the bat. They started small, and you can do that as well. Beginner’s workouts can be fantastic, as you won’t have to push yourself too hard. Eventually, you’ll get to the point where beginner’s exercises no longer have the same effect. At that point, you’ll be much more motivated to work harder.

With exercise, you can open the doors to a more productive mindset. All you have to do is be consistent, and work on the most straightforward exercises as often as possible.


There’s no denying that stress and anxiety can cause all sorts of problems and lead to a lack of motivation overall. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to push yourself as hard as possible to get back on track. Sometimes, all you have to do is make that first step to help motivate yourself to build the foundation for a more productive mindset.

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