How to work off your Wimbledon favourites [Infographic]

It’s Wimbledon time but before you reach for the strawberries and cream, do you know how much tennis you would have to play to burn them off? Central London Apartments have put together a handy infographic showing how many calories your favourite summer drinks and foods have and how long they would take to burn off playing tennis.

Take a look at the infographic below and then decide whether you still want to go for that Eton Mess while enjoying watching tennis at Wimbledon. My advice? Do go for it, in moderation! Shocking advice? Well, while sugary desserts are bad for us, if you follow a healthy, balanced diet most of the time, having something naughty once in a while won’t hurt. I do it as well – I am good most of the time and have a treat once in a while, normally weekends and well, holidays. At the same time I am always active by either walking or cycling so I don’t really gain weight.

What would life be like without delicious sweet treats once in a while? Pretty boring right? So do enjoy Wimbledon, don’t worry too much about calories but at the same time try to be active during it and eat healthier once it’s over.

Infographic by Central London Apartments

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