In the spotlight: Selva Organic Premium Superfoods brand

south american superfoods from Selva Organic

Selva Organic is a new UK based brand which was launched at the beginning of this year. Their focus is on responsibly sourced superfoods rich in antioxidants, proteins, minerals, fats, vitamins and other essential nutrients. They currently offer 14 products which you can buy directly from their website or from Amazon (when in stock).

Why are Selva Organic different?

Selva Organic work directly with South American farmers in order to ensure they source only the highest quality superfoods nature has to offer. Their local staff in Peru cultivate Chia, Quinoa and Maca, just to mention some of the products grown there.

Our aim is to source the highest quality produce directly from the regions these superfoods originate from, at the same time supporting local communities who have cultivated these crops for hundreds of years. By commercialising these amazing foods and bringing them to the UK marketplace, we hope to create a mutually beneficial and long term relationship with our growers,” says Joseph Levy, managing director, Selva Organic.

Not all their products come from South America though. In some cases, they source their products from third parties but they are very strict about them. They never compromise on quality, regardless of cost and are always looking to source the best products, not necessarily the cheapest.

We do not source from suppliers who have low standards in regards to ethical operations or whose product has a high risk of contamination, regardless of whether their product or operation meets local or international standards.

Selva Organic products which are not from South America-550

The majority of Selva’s range is certified organic by the Soil Association and all products are packaged in a UK warehouse certified by the same body as well as meeting BRC standards. The range is suitable for vegans and each product offers unique health benefits.

But do I really need to include ‘superfoods’ in my diet?

The choice is yours. So-called ‘superfoods’ can be found anywhere, not only in South America. Anything that has high nutrient density can be called a ‘superfood’. But there is a problem with our food today. Intensive agriculture has created degraded soils which produce a low-quality food containing much fewer nutrients than did fifty years ago. Many people develop mineral deficiencies, for this reason, for example, magnesium is one mineral which British women don’t get enough through their diets. Zinc is another common mineral deficiency found in the UK population.

I see ‘superfoods’ as a good way to top up your vitamins and minerals which your body needs and doesn’t get enough through a modern diet. Of course, you can try and get all the nutrients through your diet but it can be hard. Another option is to supplement which can be a good idea but you have to make sure you buy the best quality supplements which are as natural as possible as this will aid absorption.

Selva Organic products which I tried

I was sent two products to try: Lucuma Powder and Cacao Nibs.

Selva Organic products

Lucuma powder is pretty unusual – it comes from the Lucuma fruit and it’s slightly sweet with caramel-like flavour. It has low glycemic index making it an ideal alternative for those seeking to lower their sugar intake. However, its sweetness is not very strong and cannot be compared with date or maple syrup. You can use it in smoothies, cakes, baking and in porridge. I’ve been using it in porridge and found it ok but would add date syrup for extra sweetness.

Cacao nibs that I tried were simply amazing. If you ever tried raw cacao nibs before you will know that they are bitter and don’t taste great on its own, but cacao nibs from Selva Organic are different. They are sweetened with Yacon syrup which makes them a delicious snack. If you like dark chocolate you will love them. They are better than dark chocolate because they are raw and contain their natural nutrient content which can get lost in the process of making dark chocolate.

Have you heard of Selva Organic before and are you tempted to try some of their products?

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