The best music for stress relief

music for stress reliefDon’t we all sometimes feel a little bit stressed? Long to-do lists, deadlines around the corner, not enough time to do everything… Life can be overwhelming sometimes indeed. While a bit of stress is not a bad thing, it can become problematic when it’s turning into something more permanent. In fact, stress can be really bad for you if you don’t learn how to manage it effectively. 

Do you ever tune in to yourself, listen to your body and try to understand how you feel, how your body feels? Sometimes all you need is a little bit time for yourself, some relaxation. And listening to your favourite music is a great way to relax. How often do you do it? I often listen to classical music on the radio when I come home from work, which helps me chill out and totally forget about work.

Here I wanted to share with you some of my favourite music which does wonders to my mood and takes me to another world – when I listen to it all the tension melts away, my body relaxes and my mind is totally present, not thinking about anything, just enjoying the music. 

Ludovico Einaudi

I totally love the music from Ludovico Einaudi, an Italian pianist and composer. Here a couple of my favourites:

Music from nature

There is something so relaxing about listening to birds and soothing sounds of water flowing through rocks, even waves at the sea crashing ashore helps you to relax. Maybe that’s because you are taken to a completely different world, you imagine being there and nothing else is on your mind.

I love listening nature sounds from Rocky Mountains, here is one example video:

Film music

Some film music is so amazing and really relaxing like some tracks from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.
Here is a couple of my favourites from The Hobbit:

Ukulele songs

Finally, I wanted to mention ukulele songs. Although I don’t play an instrument, this is a great way of stress relief. To get started check

Music can be really powerful, beautiful and healing. Do you use it for stress relief? What’s your favourite relaxing music? What type of music do you think it’s the best for stress relief?


  1. Will give some of these a try, particularly in my way home from work after a stressful day and before bed 🙂

    Gem x

    1. Have looked up the Neil Finn version now and yes, that’s nice too! Music from The Hobbit is soo good.

  2. Thank you for this article. So much of the time blogs only think of diet and exercise when the term ‘health’ pops up. Or mental health problems. I have always believed that health is the sum of the whole, and includes music, and even the colours that surround us.
    Everyone has their own ideas about which music affects them – both positively and negatively – and in extreme moods, sometimes it seems like songs were written specifically for (or about) us. Songs that wouldn’t have had any special meaning outside of said extreme mood or situation. For example, when I was going through a divorce, I just knew that ‘White Flag’ and ‘Broken Wings’ had been written just because of me. 😉 And it relaxed me by distancing the sadness from me: Stress relief for at least a few minutes. Conversely, ‘Happy’ was what filled me up a few years later.
    Classical music or great instrumental film tracks are fabulous too – I totally agree with you, Petra. I’m a Harry Potter/ Dances With Wolves guy, myself…

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment Jack. You are right, health is a sum of many different things, and this includes stress management with a help of music as well. It’s very true, not everybody will have the same music taste and will be affected by music in the same way. What works for me may not work for somebody else..
      Sorry to hear about your divorce and glad to hear that music help you destress while going through it. I also love the music from Dances with Wolves, I just didn’t think of including it here.