My latest health and beauty buys

Recently, I bought quite a few health and beauty products, some of them rather special so I wanted to share them with you in this post. Lots of them come from Crete as I bought them when I was on holiday there recently. You cannot find them in the UK although if you are lucky you may be able to find them online. Other products that I bought are mostly from my online hauls and some of my favourites.

So here they are, the health and beauty products I bought recently and my thoughts about them:

healing plants and remedies from Crete

Shopping in Crete

When in Crete I couldn’t resist buying all kind of teas and healing plants. Some of them grow only in Crete, nowhere else, so I had to buy them. One of them is a special tea from Crete called Diktamus (also known as Dittany) – the plant grows wild on the island on the mountains and canyons of Crete and you won’t find it anywhere else in the world. Needless to say, it’s naturally organic, of course, not grown with any pesticides or anything like that.

dictamus tea from crete
Diktamus tea

I haven’t tried Diktamus tea yet, but they told me it’s a bit strong and you only need a little bit to create a healing infusion. The tea has lots of health benefits and it’s great for upset stomach (after a meal), headaches, toothaches and much more. It’s great to drink when you have a cold or flu to speed up the recovery. To me it sounds like a must-have tea for any family and although I don’t have a family I had to have it! Also if you don’t have any aches or stomach upsets, the tea can be drunk every day, at the end of the day, for the prevention of any problems with the circulatory system and heart.

If you want to try Dictamus tea from Crete, I managed to find it on Amazon – there are actually quite a few companies that sell it, just have a browse here.


The other herbal tea from Crete that I bought is a mountain tea known as ‘Malotira‘. The people of Crete drink this tea the first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach and when I was in Crete I started doing the same.

The taste of this tea is lovely, slightly sweet so there is no need to sweeten it with sugar or honey.

This mountain tea also has some great health benefits and it’s been used by The Venetians (who conquered Crete) for gastric and respiratory disorders. This tea has the ability to act against diarrhoea and indigestion and it’s full of antioxidants (similar to green tea). It’s also beneficial for heart and for prevention of heart disease. You can get it on Amazon here.

Wild Oregano

The next thing I couldn’t resist buying when in Crete was wild oregano. This is something Cretans add to their Greek salad and it has a stronger flavour than the normal oregano. It’s also added to various dishes to make the flavours pop.

As a herb, oregano helps with digestion and helps to improve the health of our digestive systems, balancing the gut flora. In addition to that, it has other health benefits which are attributed to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

wild oregano oil from crete
Wild oregano oil from Crete

Along with the wild oregano herb, I also bought oregano oil, a miraculous remedy used for treating fungal infections, colds and digestive problems. Oregano oil is also a natural antibiotic that can even help to remove warts and can reduce tumours. Learn more about it here.

You can buy wild oregano oil on Amazon.

Dried carob fruit

dried carob fruit

Dried carob fruit is naturally sweet and can be used as a healthy snack instead of a bar of chocolate. It’s rich in various minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B1, B2 and D. It’s also rich in calcium and high in fibre, which promotes healthy intestinal function. It’s naturally gluten-free, caffeine-free and high in antioxidants. So, a great addition to your diet, especially if you want to eat less chocolate!

The dried fruit is a bit hard but chewable, you just have to be careful to take the seeds out and not to bite them.

If you want to try this healthy snack, I managed to find it on Amazon here with seeds already removed.

Cretan Thyme Honey

cretan thyme honey

Thyme honey from Crete is really special (and expensive) as there is not that much produced every year but it’s well worth buying.

I only bought a small jar (although the one I bought is a mix, not pure thyme honey) which I will use sparingly.

The honey has a lovely, rich flavour and Cretans use it on top of Greek yogurt or in one of their mountain teas. This honey has antibacterial properties and it’s especially effective in healing respiratory and digestive problems. Get it on Amazon here.

My latest beauty buys

Haircare products

Over time I’ve tried so many different shampoos and conditioners but I keep coming back to haircare products from Faith in Nature. They are really affordable and they suit my hair really well.

faith in nature haircare

My hair is fine and gets greasy really quickly so any product that would leave some residue behind is a big no-no for me. But I had to do lots of testing before I found some shampoos which would not make my hair greasy any sooner and one of them is fragrance-free shampoo from Faith in Nature.

I also love Faith In Nature Ginkgo Biloba Conditioner, my go-to conditioner which I’ve been buying for years (with breaks, when testing other products). This conditioner is vegan, cruelty-free and detangles my hair really well. So far I haven’t been able to find anything better than this. It also lightens my hair a bit which is another big plus.

urtekram camomile shampoo for blond hair

When I was buying Faith In Nature conditioner online, I also decided to go for Urtekram Camomile Shampoo as I read some good reviews about it. It’s designed to highlight blond hair and give it a healthy glow. When I use this shampoo together with Ginkgo Biloba conditioner my hair is definitely much lighter afterwards which is what I really love about this shampoo. It’s wonderful to use as well – it foams well and it’s moisturising as well, leaving hair soft to touch. I will definitely re-purchase this in the future. Just to add that this shampoo is vegan and certified by EcoCert and of course, cruelty-free.

Ogario Styling Mist

ogario styling mist

Ogario Styling Mist is a product that came in one of the LoveLula beauty boxes last year and at first, I thought that I wouldn’t use it but then I tried using it as a detangler and to treat my dry ends and it worked really well for that. So I decided to stock up with it then as I really got used to it. I use it just before I dry my hair with a hairdryer to protect it from the heat. A lovely product which I do recommend.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Minis

neals yard remedies minis

Recently, Neal’s Yard Remedies had a big sale on their website and I couldn’t resist buying some of their mini/travel products.

I thought White Tea Facial Mist would be great in hot weather and after exercise at home. I am yet to try it though but it should be good, it smells lovely!

I bought a small bottle of Rehydrating Rose Toner, just another toner that I wanted to try.

And finally, Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture, a product which I was curious to try. It’s a light and rehydrating moisturiser which soothes and nurtures normal and dehydrated skin types. I bought this although my skin is more combination type but it does change over time and sometimes it just needs normal moisturising products and not those that would reduce sebum production. I am yet to try it and as soon as I do, I am hoping to do a mini review on my blog.

PR samples

Here I also wanted to add some of the PR samples I was sent in the past few months. As a blogger, I regularly get sent products from various companies but it’s up to me to feature them on my blog. Here are a few products which I’ve been trying out lately:

Esse Skincare Protect Oil

Protect Oil from Esse Skincare is nothing like any facial oil that I’ve tried in the past (and I’ve tried many!).

esse skincare protect oil

The Protect Oil has only been launched recently (in May) and it contains a rather special oil called Ximenia oil. This oil is pressed from fruit kernels sustainably harvested from the wild in Namibia and helps to protect sensitive skin from environmental damage and strengthen barrier function for ongoing support.

Ximenia oil has an anti-ageing effect on the skin and helps to soften the skin and moisturise it.

The Protect Oil smells delicious as it also contains Vanillin extract. In addition, it also contains a sunflower seed oil which is high in vitamin E and helps the skin to retain its moisture.

I found Protect Oil quite thick so I would have to apply more than just a few drops to cover the whole face. As an overnight treatment, it works great and it really does help to soften the skin. Skin feels really lovely in the morning, well-nourished. This is a lovely facial oil, well suited for sensitive skin which is prone to dryness.

The Ohm Collection products

the ohm collection deo creme and sunscreen

The two products which I’ve been using lately from The Ohm Collection are: Deodorant Creme in Orange Blossom and their Sun Safe Natural Sunscreen SPF30.

Their Deodorant Creme is lovely and I really like it. I totally love the scent, it’s a beautiful orange blossom scent with some citrusy background. The scent is not overpowering and does not stand out when you wear this deodorant. But the deodorant does work although the scent kind of gets lost as the day goes by. The application of this deodorant is really easy – you just press the pump to dispense a little bit of product and then you apply it to your armpits. It’s not a thick product so it’s easy to apply. It contains bicarbonate of soda which some people may react to.

I took the Ohm Natural Sunscreen SPF30 with me to Crete so that I could test it properly. As many natural sunscreens, it does leave a bit of whiteness behind but for me, that’s not too much of a problem as I am naturally quite pale. I didn’t burn using this sunscreen, even in the hottest sun but I did feel I had to apply more often than every 2 hours in the strongest sun, just to make sure I don’t burn. Sun Safe sunscreen does not contain nanoparticles and it has an addition of nourishing oils to prevent skin dryness. I think I have to use it for a little bit longer before I make up my mind about it but the main thing is that I didn’t burn in the sun so that should be enough for you to consider trying it.

Wow, that’s been a really long post of my latest health and beauty buys (and PR samples)! Have you tried any of these products or hoping to try some of them in the near future?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means that I may get rewarded a commission if you purchase a product after clicking on a link. This does not cost you anything.