Organic September: My organic grocery essentials

It’s Organic September so I thought will share with you some of my organic grocery essentials I use every week and tell you where I buy them from, but before then just quickly why it’s good to go organic:

1. To reduce your exposure to potentially harmful pesticides
2. To support higher standards of animal welfare
3. To help protect our wildlife
4. Know what’s in your food
5. To help combat climate change

While I try to eat and drink organic as much as possible, I don’t buy everything organic as I don’t always find the organic food that I need. Nevertheless, I do my best and I am currently quite happy with the amount of organic foods I consume. Here are some of my organic essentials:

Clipper’s Organic Green Tea

Clipper organic green tea

I am a big green tea drinker, consuming around 3-4 cups of organic green tea a day during the week and around 2 cups a day at the weekend. I’ve been drinking Clipper’s Organic Green Tea* for quite few years now and I believe it’s one of the most affordable organic green teas on the market – I’ve been buying it in bulk from Amazon for quite some time now. For a pack of 6 (300 teabags) you pay £9.99 which makes it £1.66 per one box of 50 teabags.

Sainsbury’s Organic Range

Sainsbury's Organic range

I buy lots of organic foods from Sainsbury’s own organic range and on the picture above you can see just some of the foods I normally buy. Sainsbury’s organic chickpeas are great for quick dinner such as chickpea soup with spinach but I also use them in salads, for example see this chickpea salad with garlicky yoghurt sauce.

I use Sainsbury’s organic green lentils in salads, such as this easy green lentil salad and sometimes if I feel lazy I will also use them for the soup to make it ready quicker. 
I couldn’t live without organic eggs as they make such a quick and nutritious meal – every week I make quick egg salad and at the weekend I like to eat soft boiled eggs on toast with avocado and tomatoes.

From Sainsbury’s I also buy organic yoghurt, organic spinach, organic mushrooms and some other essentials I consume weekly.

Organic Muesli – Pertwood Farm

Farm Pertwood Organic Muesli

In Sainsbury’s I recently discovered this organic muesli from Pertwood Farm. It’s actually a new product they started stocking only recently and as it was on offer I decided to buy it. It’s wheat-free, containing oat and barley flakes instead, and it’s 100% organic as well. I do like it and will probably buy more of it in the future.
Just to mention that I don’t strictly eat organic muesli all the time – it depends where I am shopping really so I will buy it only when I am in the shop where they stock organic muesli – many supermarkets don’t seem to stock organic muesli but in the past I bought it from Holland & Barrett (good to get it when they are doing one of their offers).

Organic grains and legumes

Organic foods - organic porridge oats and organic red lentils

They say that organic food is expensive, but if you are little bit clever and buy in bulk it’s actually not expensive at all –  I am of course talking about organic porridge oats and organic red lentils which I regularly buy in bulk. These were bought in Unicorn Grocery Shop in Manchester (my boyfriend lives there) but the same goes for other cupboard staples of course – you can also buy in bulk organic brown rice, organic beans, organic flour and much more. If you don’t have organic wholefoods shop near you check Buy Whole Foods Online* which ship free of charge if you spend more than £30. On their website you will find all kind of organic foods and you can buy in bulk as well.

Linwoods Milled Organic Flaxseed

Linwoods organic flaxseeds

Milled Organic Flaxseed from Linwoods is something I tend to have in my fridge all the time. I either get it from Amazon* or from Holland & Barrett, depending where it’s cheaper. Flaxseeds are important addition to my diet as they are rich in omega 3, protein and they also contain iron. I add them to muesli, porridge and smoothies.

Organic apple cider vinegar and olive oil

Organic apple cider vinegar and organic olive oil

I recently stocked up on Biona’s organic apple cider vinegar (Amazon)* as I couldn’t find raw apple cider vinegar in supermarkets. The reason why it’s better to buy raw apple cider vinegar is because it contains live enzymes which are really good for your digestion; it’s actually supposed to help with weight loss if you drink diluted apple cider vinegar 30 minutes before your meals. It also has other health benefits, not to mention all the minerals and vitamins this type of vinegar contains. I use it in my salads and as a digestive aid pre- or post-meal.
I’ve been buying organic olive oil from Sainsbury’s but a few weeks back I found Candiasoil organic olive oil in TK Maxx so I decided to give it a try. I think it’s slightly better quality than the olive oil from Sainsbury’s.

So there you have it, some of my organic grocery essentials. Over time I will try to find even more organic foods for a good deal, after all you have to be a savvy shopper and save some money, right?

What are your organic grocery essentials? Do you use any of the brands above?

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  1. I’ve recently started buying raw apple cider vinegar, it’s fantastic! I picked up some made by RAW Health. I use it in salads at the moment but must try it out like you’ve mentioned on its own.

    1. It’s definitely worth buying raw apple cider vinegar as it’s so nutritious, great to hear you started buying it recently! If you try it on its own, start with a teaspoon of the vinegar diluted in a glass of water first, you can then slowly increase it to a tablespoon, just make sure you rinse your mouth with water after you finish drinking it as the acid could damage your tooth enamel.

  2. I just cannot have a smoothie without adding flaxseed! I also have a lot of love for wholewheat pasta, I think it’s so much more filling (meaning I don’t have to cook quite so much!) and it has far more flavour than white pasta. I’m considering trying apple cider vinegar, it’s suppose to help with heartburn in pregnancy from what I hear!

    1. Flaxseed is great, isn’t it? So healthy! Wholewheat pasta is much more healthier than white pasta, cannot remember when I had white pasta last time actually.
      I believe apple cider vinegar has lots of health benefits, let me know if it helps with your heartburn, didn’t know it could be good for that as well.

  3. I’m a big advocate of organic food, however research shows that unfortunately organically produced meat doesn’t necessarily mean animals are treated any better. I’m so lucky to have a Wholefoods a bus ride away from my house, and when I’m staying with my mum she has a small health food store within walking distance. The price of organic food kills me slightly but to me it’s worth it knowing that I’m not filling my family up with chemicals that depletes the nutrition of our food 🙂 I also love the Sainsbury’s organic range!

    1. Wow, I am so jealous you have Wholefoods near where you live. The nearest health foods shop to me is Holland & Barrett but there is not that much choice there and some products could be pricey if not on offer. I wish I had Wholefoods nearby!
      When it comes to organic meat, doesn’t Freedom Food logo guarantee that animals have been treated well? I wrote about it here: