Healthy eating in Birmingham: Healthy fast food restaurant LEON

Leon healthy fast food restaurant in Birmingham

When I first heard of healthy fast food restaurant LEON I got quite excited actually. Healthy fast food?! I didn’t even know anything like that existed! LEON is actually a healthy fast food restaurant chain and recently it has opened its first branch in Birmingham, close to the main atrium of the New Street Station / Grand Central complex. I’ve been […]

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Organic September: My organic grocery essentials

Sainsbury's Organic range

It’s Organic September so I thought will share with you some of my organic grocery essentials I use every week and tell you where I buy them from, but before then just quickly why it’s good to go organic: 1. To reduce your exposure to potentially harmful pesticides 2. To support higher standards of animal welfare 3. To […]

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Baldwins: Inner balance tea, #InsideOutBeauty

Baldwins Herb Art Card

I am a big  fan of herbal teas and when Baldwins were in touch about their new campaign involving herbal teas, I was happy to get involved. In case you didn’t know, Baldwins are London’s oldest herbalists, established in 1844, as I learnt. They don’t only sell natural remedies and herbs but also natural skincare and haircare […]

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Top UK vegetarian food bloggers to follow

Deliciously Ella blog

Vegetarian food may sound bland and boring but there is a lot you can do with it as proven by some of the top UK vegetarian food bloggers. I eat 80-90% vegetarian food (the rest is fish/seafood) and I am always on the lookout for new vegetarian recipes to try out as things get boring sometimes. Following […]

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