6 Easy Ways to Keep Fit While Travelling

keeping fit when travelling

Are you concerned about piling on the excess pounds when you’re off on your next holiday? It’s fairly natural to gain a little extra weight off the back of a vacation, so it’s important to try your best to stick to a relatively decent workout routine. Today, we’re going to explore five ways you can […]

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Deliciously Ella Cookbook Review

deliciously ella book ella woodward

It’s only recently that I got my hands on the first book from Ella Mills (previously Ella Woodward), Deliciously Ella, and oh man what I’ve been missing! I can totally understand now why this cookbook has been such a big success. While I’ve been following ‘Deliciously Ella‘ blog for a long time I’ve never actually […]

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How to lose weight easily by NOT dieting

Lose weight by not dieting

Sometimes I wish I was one of those people who can eat whatever they want and never gain weight. But I am not. My weight goes up and down throughout the year but I never allow myself to exceed a specific number. If I gain weight and I don’t feel good about it I will […]

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Healthy soups from Soupologie (dairy and gluten free)

Health soups from Soupologie

When the weather is cold there is nothing better than having a delicious warming soup, even better if it’s healthy! Healthy?, you may ask… Aren’t all the soups healthy? Well, not all of them. Some of the supermarket-bought soups are loaded with salt and sugar. Do you ever check labels when buying a soup? You […]

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The Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2016

fitness app

If you don’t know your sat-fats from your superfoods, it can be hard to know where to start. Many people weren’t lucky enough to be raised by health-conscious parents, and the world of health and exercise can seem like a mystery when you are just starting to learn. The easiest way to take the pain […]

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