5 Simple Steps to a Healthier Diet (Backed by Science)

healthier diet

Overview: How Your Diet Affects Your Health The idea that what we eat has a significant impact on our health has been around ever since Ancient Greece, when Hippocrates, widely viewed as the father of medicine, uttered the notorious “Let thy food be thy medicine.” Over the 19th and the 20th centuries, several practitioners continued […]

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How to Stay Healthy in a Relationship

How to stay healthy in relationship

Relationships can be tricky. There’s the stress they can put you under, the lack of free time you might feel like you have, and all the extra worrying you have to do. For some, these downsides are few and far between — just a natural part of falling in love with someone and spending the […]

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Aldi Ambiano Slow Juicer Review

Ambiano Aldi slow juicer

As soon as I learnt about Jason Vale, aka ‘Juice Master’, I wanted to get myself a juicer, but not any type of juicer, a slow juicer. As Jason explains it in his book ‘SuperJuice Me!‘:”This type of juicer creates much less heat friction, which usually makes for a better quality juice and keeps the […]

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6 Easy Ways to Keep Fit While Travelling

keeping fit when travelling

Are you concerned about piling on the excess pounds when you’re off on your next holiday? It’s fairly natural to gain a little extra weight off the back of a vacation, so it’s important to try your best to stick to a relatively decent workout routine. Today, we’re going to explore five ways you can […]

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How to prevent sports and exercise injuries


Exercise and sport are great for you and good for your health but as with many things in life, there are some risks involved while being active. These risks are relatively low but people can still get injured during exercise, sometimes through overuse, sometimes from more direct trauma and sometimes through a lack of decent […]

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How exercise can improve health


Healthy living is not all about healthy eating, nutrition and living your life more naturally, avoiding toxic chemicals whenever possible. Healthy living is also about exercising and staying active and if you really want to be healthy, exercise should be an important part of your lifestyle. We all know exercise is good for us and […]

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