Healthy soups from Soupologie (dairy and gluten free)

Healthy soups from Soupologie

When the weather is cold there is nothing better than having a delicious warming soup, even better if it’s healthy! Healthy?, you may ask… Aren’t all the soups healthy? Well, not all of them. Some of the supermarket-bought soups are loaded with salt and sugar. Do you ever check labels when buying a soup? You should avoid buying soups with red labels and the more green labels the better!

I don’t normally buy soups in supermarkets as I don’t find them very healthy. Also, it’s really difficult to please me since I don’t eat meat and I don’t like spicy food but recently I discovered Soupologie and I am so glad I did! I bought their first soup from Asda and it tasted delicious (it was kale & spinach, for your information). I was actually surprised at how good it was considering that it was really healthy.

After trying Soupologie’s first soup I decided I wanted to try more so I got in touch with Soupologie who kindly sent me four more kinds of soup to try. These were as follows:

  • Pea and Leek soup
  • Watercress Courgette & Quinoa soup
  • Ancient Grains soup
  • Three Mushroom broth (rich in vitamin D)

I must say Soupologie soups are so delicious! Some of them are blended, like Pea and Leek soup while others are left unblended such as their Ancient Grains soup.

All the Soupologie soups are gluten-free and dairy-free which makes them suitable for vegans. They are also vegan certified, if that’s important to you. What’s more, they don’t add any sugar and additives to their soups. This is what I really like about them. Also to mention, their pots are BPA-free and the ingredients they use are not genetically modified. What else could you want from a healthy soup?

Soupologie Watercress Courgette & Quinoa soup

Soupologie: Dairy-free watercress & courgette soup

Watercress Courgette & Quinoa soup has a lovely flavour and tastes delicious. I loved it!

Soupologie Pea and Leek Soup

Soupologie: Pea and leek soup

I don’t like peas and I never eat them but in this soup I actually quite enjoyed them. A combination of pea and leak is great and you have an added benefit of protein from peas.

Soupologie Ancient Grains Soup (amaranth, flaxseed & millet)
Soupologie: Ancient grains gluten-free soup

This is probably my favourite soup from Soupologie. It reminds me of something that I would make at home. It’s hearty and filling and makes a great lunch (it contains beans as well).

Soupologie Three Mushroom Broth

Soupologie: 3 mushroom broth

Mushroom broth from Soupologie is my least favourite ‘soup’ from the ones I tried, although it’s really good for you as it contains a good dose of vitamin D which is naturally found in mushrooms. This soup is great for winter as this is the time when we don’t get enough vitamin D and are advised to supplement. If vitamin D is your concern I recommend you try it but be prepared, it’s not really a soup, it’s more like a watery broth. I would personally like some mushrooms to be swimming in that liquid…

All in all, I think Soupologie are a great brand and I would highly recommend their soups. These are great for when you don’t have time to make your own soup and you want something healthy for lunch. If you want to buy them, check your local Asda or Waitrose first but if you cannot find them there you can buy them online through Ocado or Planet Organic* (If you would like to get a discount on your online shopping, don’t forget to check for offers and great deals).

Have you tried any of Soupologie’s soups and what did you think? Do you ever buy soups from your local supermarket?

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love the Spinach & Kale which I buy from Holland & Barrett but I had no idea they had so many other flavours! Yummy xx

    1. I didn’t realise I could buy Soupologie’s soups from Holland & Barrett, need to check them out next time, thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing such types of soups. Blog is really very helpful and very informative. I like it and i will definitely going to try them. The soups should be highly rich in protein, vitamins and I like mushrooms so I am going to try Soupologie Three Mushroom Broth.

    1. I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying my blog Henry! Soupologie’s soups are really healthy indeed, just keep in mind that their mushroom broth is quite watery and won’t really fill you up. It’s still good to try it though as it’s rich in vitamin D.

  3. Thank u Petra to reply me. I will keep your suggestion in my mind. I hope that I will get such informative blog in future. I appreciate your work.

  4. The article is very helpful and interesting to know as soups. It contains more protein and vitamins. It sounds absolutely lovely, I’ll be going to give them a try.

    1. I am glad you found it useful Catherine! I am now buying Soupologie soups every week as it just saves me lots of time.

  5. Oh my God I love this man “Soupologie Ancient Grains Soup (amaranth, flaxseed & millet)”Amazing I’ll definitely try it from my own 🙂