The Health Benefits of Gardening


It may only be a small garden or a collection of tubs in which you grow flowers and vegetables but there is evidence to suggest that gardeners, whether their plot is large or small, are a healthy bunch.

And this isn’t just a physical thing but a mental health issue too. But what are these health benefits and how can you start realising them?

#1 Enjoy the fresh air and nature

If you sit for long enough in your garden, no matter what time of year, you are bound to see something of nature.


When was the last time you sat and watch a butterfly gently waft around the flower heads? Or when did you last admire the industrious bustling actions of the bee?

The thing is, life is so very busy that we don’t always step to ‘smell the roses’ as the saying goes.

But we should. Spending time in your garden, just sitting, just relaxing on a comfortable bench or chair is perhaps one of the best health benefits of gardening, something that gardeners of old have known for a long time…

Take it a step further – enjoy yoga? Or maybe you enjoy the stretching of Pilates or the meditative effects of Tai Chi? Why not do these in the garden, focusing on the sounds of the garden to help your mind detach from the reality of everyday life?

#2 Burn some calories

We all know that to maintain a healthy weight we need to be moving and stay active in order to burn calories and prevent any weight gain. But we can’t always be running or jogging. And here’s the good news: spending time in the garden digging, weeding, sweeping, planting and pruning are all activities that burn calories.

digging in the garden

Not only that, it gets our blood flowing, supporting our circulation system and making sure our blood pressure stay within a healthy range too.

Heavy digging, for example digging over the veg plot ready for this year’s crop of potatoes, can burn a steady 614 calories an hour. Lighter digging, the kind you may do to prepare flower beds for your seedlings, will burn off 410 calories per hour.

#3 Bolster your immunity

Gardeners have long known that all that time spent in the fresh air and the garden has health benefits that extend much further that knocking stress out of the ballpark and weight in check.

One is the immune system. An important part of our overall health, being able to stave off everything from the common cold to flu is important, no matter how young or old we feel.


Gardening exposes us to the sun and providing we do this safely with skin protection, it is a good thing. Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. Made under the skin when we are out of doors in the sun, it helps our bones stay strong but bolsters our immunity too.

Don’t make it all about the work

There is no denying that spending time digging and weeding, pruning and sowing is great for us in many ways.

It takes out mind away from things but improves our strength, maintains our hand to eye coordination and more.

But we need to enjoy it. So whatever you do, don’t turn gardening into another household chore. Instead, relax in your garden and relax the rules, enjoying every inch of your garden from the comfort of one of the many Sloane and Son’s garden benches.

Because there is nothing better than watching your gardening efforts spring and blossom into life!

Author Bio
Ryan Jones works is a keen gardener who works on behalf of Garden Benches, who are a leading UK supplier of high quality garden benches ranging from many different styles and designs.


  1. Right on! I’ve started a mini-garden in my backyard and the feeling is priceless. Everyone should try gardening, for sure!

    Speaking about immunity, a close contact with plants and fresh soil also provides probiotics that safeguard our immunity.

    Best wishes!

  2. Great article!
    In my opinion, one of the best health benefits of gardening is that when you are in your garden, you might feel the sunshine on your skin and body. This means you are getting Vitamin D, that is necessary to keep bones strong. Vitamin D also helps us fight diseases.