Yellow tea: Things you didn’t know

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Have you heard of yellow tea before? Sounds strange right? I’ve only learnt about this tea recently, and that’s only because my sister had it in her cupboard as somebody gave it to her for Christmas. She hasn’t even tried it yet so I decided to give it a go.

What is yellow tea?

I normally drink green tea, herbal and fruit infusions but I am not the biggest fan of a black tea. When I saw a box of yellow tea, I first thought it was probably going to taste like black tea. Not exactly, although its taste did remind me slightly of a black tea.

Yellow tea is actually one of the rarest types of tea and it’s a speciality of China. It’s produced from the same plant that white, green and black teas are made from.

Yellow tea is processed like green tea, but in the final phase there is a change. Its long, slow production gives it a mellower, sweeter and riper flavour than green tea and studies have shown it is rich in antioxidants.

yellow tea tea bag

The taste is definitely better than green tea’s – it’s not bitter at all which is a big plus as it makes it more enjoyable to drink. You also don’t feel the need to sweeten with sugar or sugar alternatives as it has slightly sweet flavour.

And why is it called yellow tea? Mainly because of its bright golden infusion color (although mine turned out to be darker but that must be because I left it to brew longer than the recommended 2 minutes).

Yellow colour, however, also refers to the imperial yellow worn exclusively by emperors for centuries. Yellow tea became “imperial tea” long time ago because of its high quality. But then Yellow Tea (with a capital Y) could also be a name applied to any high quality tea served at the imperial court, regardless of whether the tea was green, white or blue-green.

Yellow Tea Health Benefits

Like other types of tea, yellow tea contains polyphenols that have an antioxidant effect in the body and can help protect against certain age-related and degenerative diseases.

The health benefits of yellow tea have not been extensively studied or compared to other more common teas. It is similar to green tea so it’s likely to be roughly similar in terms of its chemical composition and effects on mind and body.

When it comes to heart disease and stroke, tea could help reduce inflammation linked to atherosclerosis and vascular problems. 

Any kind of tea is helpful in reducing blood cholesterol.

Yellow tea in particular is known to be good at correcting indigestion, stimulating appetite and helping losing weight.

Research has shown that drinking yellow tea may contribute to protection against liver injury.

If you are a tea lover you really need to try yellow tea. I am so happy that I tried it, without even buying it! It definitely makes a nice gift and if you do buy it, make sure it’s organic (check this article).

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