11 delicious and healthy vegetarian dishes

This week is National Vegetarian Week so I wanted to share with you some of my favourite vegetarian meals which are quick and easy to make. The recipes I am sharing here are the ones I love – they are delicious, nutritious and healthy! Many of them I eat weekly either for dinner or lunch. You will find some meals are more suitable for healthy lunch at work while others make an easy vegetarian dinner.

Remember that eating more vegetarian food is better for your health and environment so why not get inspired here and include more vegetarian meals in your diet this week? 

1. Asparagus, broccoli and sweet potato soup

Asparagus, broccoli and sweet potato soup

Since I created this recipe I make this asparagus soup weekly (it’s asparagus season so you should make use of it!). I LOVE this soup but the key is to blend it at the end to make it smooth so all the flavours get mixed together. Also, add a dollop of greek yoghurt on top when serving and you will have a winner. I’ve tried this soup with carrots as well and this also works well. You can put less broccoli if its flavour is overpowering and less sweet potato or carrots if you think it’s too sweet. Experiment to find the right balance for you. This soup is really quick and easy to do so if you try one recipe from here you should definitely try this one.

2. Cold spelt pasta

Cold spelt pasta salad

I created this dish as I was bored of lentils and I was really happy how it turned out at the end. In this salad I used organic wholegrain spelt pasta and a combination of delicious vegetables. This vegetarian dish is great for healthy lunch at work or easy vegetarian dinner.

3. Warm red lentil salad with roasted butternut squash, spinach and goat’s cheese

Warm red lentil salad

This is the first time I made a warm red lentil salad and it turned out great! All the ingredients work very well together, creating this delicious and nutritious vegetarian meal. It makes a great vegetarian dinner which is really filling.

4. Healthy vegetarian pizza

Healthy vegetarian pizza

Who doesn’t like good old fashioned pizza? Luckily, pizza can be easily made vegetarian and healthy at the same time. I made it healthier by using artisan wholemeal pizza base from Dough It Yourself and low fat cheese. If you have time you could make the base yourself – I did it once, but OMG it is so time consuming and next time I’d rather buy it. Avoid using white dough as it contains less fibre, vitamins and minerals.

 5. Chickpea salad with garlicky yogurt sauce

Cold chickpea salad yoghurt sauce

This chickpea salad is one of my favourite lunches for work. I don’t always put exactly the same vegetables in it, sometimes I may have something missing but the key ingredients are garlic, onion, tomatoes and yogurt. I love it with avocado and adding sweetcorn also works very well.

6. Red lentil soup with spinach and courgettes

Red lentil soup with spinach and courgettes

This soup is one of my favourite soups. I just love this combination of vegetables, it’s so delicious! Try and get organic bunched spinach if you can as it tastes better.

7. Easy green lentil salad

Easy green lentil salad

I eat lentil salads weekly as they are so quick and easy to make. This salad is great with some feta cheese on top but I have cheese only once in a while as it doesn’t agree with my skin. I use a carton of organic cooked green lentils from Sainsbury’s which means no cooking, only vegetable chopping! 🙂

8. Crunchy egg salad with avocado

Crunchy egg salad

Egg and avocado is a match made in heaven I believe. I made this salad when I was in a mood for experimenting and it came out really delicious. You can add some feta cheese on top to make it more filling. Serve it with wholegrain bread.

9. Quinoa salad with roasted peppers

Quinoa salad with roasted peppers

Quinoa salad is another type of salad I eat all the time. It makes a great lunch for work, just cook the quinoa and roast the peppers the day before. I normally prepare it in the morning before I go to work but I add the olive oil, salt and lemon juice just before I eat it.

10. Chickpea soup with spinach

Chickpeas soup with spinach

This is something my boyfriend made for me once and since then I started making it regularly as I really liked it. I make it my own way and it’s quite filling vegetarian dinner.

11. Brown lentil salad with roasted veg

Brown lentil salad

Roast a tray of vegetables of your choice and cook lentils to create this filling vegetarian dinner.

Will you be cooking more vegetarian meals this week to celebrate National Vegetarian Week? What is your favourite vegetarian dish?