Leading London Therapists Share When to Get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


There are two types of diseases: Physical and Mental. While we take physical issues very seriously, we keep ignoring our mental health. Mental problems are just as dangerous and life-threatening as other diseases. It not only hurts the patient but also the people around him. Sadly, we still consider it shameful to visit a therapist and hide it from people.

If you love the peace in your life and want to see your loved ones keep smiling, make sure you look for these signs and get professional help if needed. After all, you wouldn’t want to be the reason to take away the happiness of your family and friends.

You Aren’t Doing Good at Work

Flu and fever are easy to detect. Unfortunately, most mental issues are not easily identified and accepted. You achieve the first step towards recovery once you have realized the problem. Poor performance at work or school is one of the signs that you might be going through a problem. If you were doing good, but your performance suddenly started going down and isn’t improving, you should ask yourself why this is happening. If a recent change in life could have caused this issue, consider seeing a therapist to help you go reach the root of the problem.

Experienced a Trauma

In many countries, it’s compulsory for police officers to see a therapist when they experience something disturbing. It is believed that it could affect their behaviour if they failed a mission, lost a partner, or saw someone die. So they get them professional help before any issue escalates. They wouldn’t be doing so if it wasn’t important. A renowned London-based CBT Therapist, Kim Fisher, suggests seeing a professional if you have recently experienced a trauma, even if you think everything is fine. These sessions will allow you to understand yourself and emotions that you might be unintentionally suppressing.

Enjoyment Activities have Changed

You may not have realized it, but people around you might have noticed that you no longer enjoy activities that you once used to. For example, you liked making jokes, but it’s no longer the case. This could mean that something has happened in your life that has changed you. Such changes don’t come for no reason. You can trace it back to when it all changed, but you might be trying to ignore it. A therapist will help you accept and release those emotions so you can move on.

Abusive Behaviour

If you easily get angry and hurt people around you, it’s not normal. It might be difficult for you to accept that you are easily overcome by anger. There has to be a reason behind this emotional instability. You may not hurt yourself as much as you do people around you. Ask them if your behaviour is abusive, and instead of getting angry, go to a therapist to discuss the problem. Even if not for yourself, do it for the people you love.

Getting Addicted to Things

There are many types of addiction, and none of them are good news. You may be addicted to alcohol or some other substance. Addiction to sex or porn is also something you should worry about. Too much of anything is bad. You rely on such things when there is something bugging you. You can solve a problem only when you can identify it. It might take you too long, if you did, to figure the issue. On the other hand, it would barely take one or two sessions for a therapist to realize what is bugging you.

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