Botanicals: Radiance Serum – White Grape & Avocado

Botanicals: Radiance Serum White Grape & Avocado

If you are looking for a new facial oil you really need to try White Grape & Avocado Radiance Serum from Botanicals. This is another amazing product from Botanicals, organic skincare brand which I love. I actually bought it on Amazon when there was an offer on – I paid less than £20 for it, what a deal! And no, the serum wasn’t due to expire soon and I bought it directly from Botanicals. The name of the product and packaging has changed since then, but not a problem. This serum is currently known as Radiance Serum, suitable for normal, sensitive and combination skin (buff coloured label, not pink anymore!).

So far I tried quite a few different face oils and before I tried Botanicals’ serum my favourite was Bodhi & Birch Neroli Luce face oil. I loved it but I also love Botanicals Radiance Serum. They are both great face oils and I would struggle to choose one over the other.

So why do I love Botanicals Radiance Serum so much? Well, to start with, it has a lovely, gentle scent with a hint of lavender. I love the scent which is not too overpowering.

The colour of this oil blend is lighter comparing to Bodhi & Birch’s face oil but it’s still effective. Since I’ve been using it my skin looks much healthier and clearer. I’ve been having fewer breakouts (I have breakout-prone combination skin) and dry areas on my face have totally disappeared. The oil is nourishing and it really helps with any dryness you may be experiencing. At the same time it helps to heal any blemishes you may already have.

The Radiance Serum is 100% natural and made with 99% organic ingredients. Here are some of the oils used in the blend and their properties:

  • apricot kernel oil: moisturising & balancing
  • grape seed oil: rich in essential fatty acids, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory (great for treating acne)
  • avocado oil: moisturising, anti-ageing (increases collagen production), high in omega 3s and vitamin E
  • evening primrose oil: nourishing, used for skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne

The serum is pretty light, non-greasy and it absorbs pretty quickly. The best is to apply it onto damp skin. I’ve been using it underneath my make-up and had no problem with that.

If you have combination skin or you suffer from breakouts often, then this is the face oil for you. I cannot recommend it enough. It works wonders on my skin and I will be definitely repurchasing it in the future.

Also worth mentioning, the product is certified organic from Soil Association, made in the UK and hasn’t been tested on animals which makes it suitable for vegans.

At the moment you can get this Radiance Serum on Amazon or directly on Botanicals’ website.

Have you tried this serum before and what did you think? What is your favourite facial oil?

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  1. I’m the biggest serum lush! I love everything contained in it too- great ingredient breakdown, that’s exactly what I like seeing when reading reviews 🙂 !