Careway’s Skin Health Event + Top skincare tips from the experts

Careway skin deep campaign

A while ago I attended Careway’s Skin Health event which was part of Careway’s ‘Skin Deep’ campaign. Such a great event! I learnt stuff about skin which I didn’t know before and I got my skin analysed with the skin analyser machine, finding out my skin’s real age.

The event brought together Carly Hobbs – front row make-up artist, celebrity tanner, beauty editor and journalist; Professional British Skin Foundation, Consultant Dermatologist Dr Emma Wedgeworth; and a professional Careway pharmacist. The event was designed to highlight the importance of skin health, skin care and checking your skin.

About Careway

If you haven’t heard of Careway before, Careway is a new partnership programme for independent pharmacies, helping them to expand their services and provide expert advice.

Careway pharmacies offer more than just prescriptions; trained experts provide outstanding healthcare services and guidance on a range of ailments from flu vaccinations, blood pressure and cholesterol checks, smoking and weight management, and diabetes testing, that local people can trust, so you can keep a check on your own health and wellbeing.

The Skin Analyser

At the event my skin was analysed using the skin analyser machine and Karolina, a qualified skincare therapist, gave me some great skincare tips and also explained to me certain things about skin health which I didn’t know before. How useful this was!

The skin analyser machine
The skin analyser machine

I was shocked to discover that my skin was very dehydrated as I am convinced that I drink enough liquids throughout the day and have a good skincare routine.

Karolina told me that the dehydrated skin could be caused by several factors, for example air conditioning, central heating and too much caffeine – these all contribute towards skin getting dehydrated. She recommended to eat more water based fruits to increase my daily intake of fluids.

I believe that on that particular day I probably didn’t drink enough and this resulted in my skin becoming dehydrated. Just to mention that it’s really important to keep your skin hydrated as dehydrated skin ages faster.

Skin analyser in action
Skin analyser in action

Karolina advised me to use products with hyaluronic acid which will help to keep my skin’s moisture in. She also advised me to avoid skincare products containing alcohol, as they strip skin’s moisture away. I actually thought that alcohol should be fine for my combination/breakout-prone skin but Karolina said that it could make things worse. I need to do a bit of research about this subject actually so I know exactly what’s good for my skin and what’s not.

I also had my sebum production analysed and surprisingly the analyser showed that my skin’s sebum production was normal although I would class my skin as combination with oily T-zone. Karolina mentioned that the skincare products I am currently using are probably controlling my sebum production well, therefore it appears normal.
Last, but not least, my skin was analysed for elasticity which was also normal and the test also showed that my skin’s biological age was below my actual age range which is something I kind of knew, but it’s nice to have that confirmation that you look younger than you actually are! 🙂

If you want a full, in-depth skin analysis, this is available for free in Careway’s pharmacies and on their website you can locate the nearest pharmacy which offers this service. With the skin analysis you will also get expert skincare advice and consultation, similar to what I experienced – they can recommend what ingredients would be good for your skin type and what to avoid.

Top skincare tips

According to a recent Careway survey 18% of women never moisturise their face at all and 36% of adults place ‘very little’ importance on their skin. It’s really important not to neglect your skin and check your skin regularly for any conditions or issues. Neglecting your skin will leave you open to premature ageing, dehydration and skin damage which could lead to other, more serious skin conditions and problems.

Here is what Dr. Emma Wedgeworth, Consultant Dermatologist & British Skin Foundation Spokesperson, has to say about skincare and how to look after your skin better:

  1. Personalise your skin care regime.
    You need to think about your individual skin type and what it really needs. For example, super hydrating ‘anti-ageing’ moisturisers are going to be no good for oily skin and exfoliating, acid toners may irritate drier skins.
  2. Sun protection, sun protection, sun protection.
    Don’t purposely expose yourself to sun to get a fan. Use a daily sun protection on your face and if you want a tan, fake it!
    Dr. Emma mentions the skin cancer rates have increased, do you really want to be one of the new yearly cases?
  3. Respect your skin when you’re young.
    There’s been increase in eczema cases in the past few years, especially amongst children. “There is good evidence that by protecting skin from an early age, avoiding strong soaps and shower gels and using only the gentlest moisturisers, we may be able to prevent some of these cases.”
Skincare experts
From the left: Dr Emma Wedgeworth, Consultant Dermatologist & British Skin Foundation Spokesperson; Carly Hobbs, MUA, tanner, beauty writer; Careway’s representative

I also wanted to highlight some of the points Carly Hobbs, MUA, made during her speech:

  • Individual skin care regimes are really important: ‘Every single face, and body when it comes to tanning, that I see, from models to celebrities and every day men and women, is different and needs a slightly different kind of skincare attention.’
  • Beauty counters staff are well trained and very knowledgeable but they are biased
  • It’s actually very hard to get independent, expert skincare advice, especially for free – This is where Careway pharmacies come in.

Last but not least, here are some skincare tips from Careway:

  • As you get older your skin changes so you need to tailor your regime. Check your skin twice a year so that you can adapt your routine around the warmer and cooler seasons.
  • For those who suffer from severe dry skin, applying moisturiser and creams in the direction of hair growth can help you to avoid blocking your pores.
    You should also look for products containing Hyaluronic acid and oils such as jojoba and coconut as these are all highly nourishing.
  • Products which are ‘non-comedogenic’ are ideal for oily skin as they can help reduce breakouts. Look for ones containing Glycolic acid and Salicylic acid as they open up clogged pores and neutralise bacteria.
  • In your 30’s the rate at which new cells are produced becomes slower. Collagen and elastin also start to get weaker leading to fine lines and wrinkles as well as a loss in the quality of your skin tone. Products with anti-ageing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Q10, retinol and vitamins C and E, can help you to combat this.
  • Always apply eye-creams with a dotting action and from the outside in to avoid rubbing and pulling on the delicate skin in this area.

So there you have it, the top skincare tips from the experts which you can start using today. These are some really great tips to follow, don’t you think?

I found the whole event really useful – the skin analyser test and the top skincare tips from the experts were the highlights but also worth mentioning are delicious healthy canapes and drinks that were served. Careway know that beauty starts within!

Hummus & Purple carrots


Did you find this useful? Did you attend any similar events in the past?

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