Facial massage – Improve the appearance of your face naturally

I was first introduced to benefits of a facial massage or a natural facelift at Neal’s Yard’s treatment room in Manchester. My boyfriend booked me an appointment for my birthday and at first I thought he booked me a facial (exfoliation, face mask, etc.). But when I talked to a therapist she was expecting to do a facial massage on me. Anyhow, I discussed with her what the best option would be for me (she could do both) and she recommended a facial massage after I expressed some concerns I have about my face. So I went for it! Rachel’s miracle hands worked on my face for 45 minutes, making me feel relaxed all over the body. At the end I had no tension on my forehead and my face was much plumper. Before the treatment I wasn’t even aware that there was a tension on my face! What a great treatment! I really do recommend it.  

Vital Face

The second time I came across the subject of a facial massage was in a local library where I stumbled upon a book called ‘Vital Face‘ by Leena Kiviluoma. It looked interesting so I borrowed it and slowly studied it over time.

So what is the book about? It’s all about improving your appearance naturally by performing certain exercises and massage which will help to reduce facial lines and prevent sagging.

Vital Face - Facial exercises and massage for health and beauty

You are probably already using a good face moisturiser or facial oils/balm to keep your skin looking healthy and young. But if you want to prevent premature ageing, using a good moisturiser (and facial oils) is not enough. Lifestyle choices have big impact on skin ageing (more than the genetic inheritance) and improving those will have some positive impact. To quote from Kiviluoma.

A nutrient-rich diet, sleep, exercise and positive emotions are the pillars of a good health and good looks.

What’s more, in addition to good lifestyle choices you can keep yourself looking younger by following a programme for the muscles of the facial area, called MimiLift Facial Muscle Care. If you started to notice first lines, which don’t seem to be going away, you should definitely try this.

Facial exercises and massage

In the Vital Face book you can find exercises for different areas of face and massage techniques which help to relieve muscle tension in the facial area. You do not have to perform all the procedures from the book, instead you develop an individual programme for yourself based on your problem area. That could be crow’s feet, frowns or horizontal forehead creases. I believe that the most common areas people are normally concerned about are forehead and the eye area. In the book you can find different relaxing techniques which help to improve the appearance in these problematic areas.
Here are the most simple ones:

1. Forehead circles: Apply firm pressure on an area of your forehead and move the forehead’s muscles in circles under the skin. Do 4 circles in one place and then move to the next point. You do the same on every part of your forehead.
This helps to improve horizontal forehead creases.

2. Stretch between eyebrows: Press your fingers above the beginning of your eyebrows and pull the skin to the opposite directions holding the stretch for a few seconds. Repeat 2-4 times.
This helps to improve vertical furrows between the eyebrows.

3. Eye area: Stretch muscles by placing fingers on the edge of eyebrow (a little apart from each other) and pulling very gently in the opposite directions.
This exercise is working on your crow’s feet.

There is so much more you can do to improve your problematic areas – pictures and explanations in the book are very good so that you can perform procedures correctly. Try and get this book in your local library so you can learn all the techniques or even better, buy it from Amazon.

You can also check this article with some illustrated exercises I found online (see page 24):


The results

To actually get the results, you should perform procedures at first 4-6 times a week, once or twice a day and after a few weeks you can maintain the results by performing these procedures 2-4 times a week.

I’ve been doing the recommended relaxing techniques for weeks now, but I must admit I am not very consistent with them (although I am trying to improve). I am lucky that I don’t have many fine lines for my age, but I noticed a few lines started to show, which are barely visible. However, after the massage I am having trouble finding them! So it does work! You just need to train your muscles to get relaxed and the skin will get smoother over time (or at least there will be some improvement seen).

The good thing is you can do it anywhere: when you watch TV, when you are travelling or in a bed!

Have you heard of a natural facelift before and have you ever done any facial exercises or massage before?