Holiday time!

I will be on holiday soon, relaxing in beautiful Slovenia and I just wanted to make my readers aware that I will be away for a few weeks with limited access to the Internet. I also wanted to take this opportunity to write about how I’ve been preparing for this holiday, which includes making decisions on natural health and beauty products to take with me.

Skincare products I am taking


For me, sunscreen is the most important skincare item of all. This year I decided to try out Jason Sport Sunscreen SPF45. I bought this before I injured my knee thinking I am going for another cycling trip this year, but I am sure this sunscreen will also be well suited for gentler walks and bike rides and swimming of course. I am not convinced 113g will be enough, but that’s not a problem, as I can buy another ‘natural’ sunscreen in Slovenia and less luggage weight is better of course.

Insect repellents  and insect bites balm

Incognito anti-mosquito sprayInsect repellent is another essential, if I don’t want to come back from my  holidays looking like I have chicken pox and spend days scratching myself. Fortunately there are lots of natural solutions to this problem. I am taking Incognito Anti-Mosquito spray to protect me from mosquito bites and any other insects. I hope it works as it didn’t work in Scotland last year against midges but I will give it another try. I read somewhere that essential oils, such as lavender could be quite effective to keep the annoying insects at bay so I might take that as well.

Aromawakening balmIf I do get any bites, I am planning to use my new balm from Aroma Wakening which can be also used for scratches, irritations and other skin problems. I haven’t used it before but I don’t think it will disappoint me.

Other skincare products

Of course I will be taking my face cream from Organic People, which has SPF15, and this will be great for those sunny days. Also,  not to be without is an organic make-up remover from Neal’s Yard, Lavera’s Purifying Facial Toner, tea tree oil, nourishing face oil by Suti (currently using their trial size).  And I must not forget organic eye rejuvenating oil by Aromawakening I just purchased!
It looks like half of my luggage will be skin care products, but I can’t imagine not taking any of these! I think I need them all!


The most important supplement to take with me is definitely Bee Prepared Daily Defence Immune Support, just to keep my immune system strong while travelling and during the stay. I am also taking ‘friendly bacteria’ capsules for healthy digestive system and Joint Complex from Viridian for my knees.

Looking after the body

In preparation for this holiday I’ve been trying to lose a little bit of weight to look better in my bikini so I made some extra efforts to look my best by following these practices:

  • I’ve been having smaller portion sizes with reduces carb intake, but plenty of vegetables
  • daily dry brushing on those problem areas
  • regular body scrubbing using Heavenly Organics body scrub
  • regular moisturising problem areas using LaidBare ‘Smooth as a Peach’ cream
  • doing more toning exercises in the gym

Body care products

It has definitely gone well and I am pleased with the results so far. My body is not perfect of course and never will be but I am quite happy with it.

Treating myself…

*This is not related to the theme of the blog, but I am sure you won’t mind reading about it and if you do, please let me know!*
There was a sale in Debenhams at the weekend and once I saw a beautiful beach bag from Mantaray I couldn’t resist buying it. I didn’t own a beach bag before so it was a good reason why I should buy it. Another great buy included a beautiful bikini from Butterfly. It was a little bit pricey but it was the only bikini I liked after I saw about hundred..
Bikini and beach bag

What’s coming on the blog

After I come back from holiday I will be back to writing one blog post per week and there will be lots of interesting content coming soon. I have 100’s of ideas for posts and in the coming months I plan to add more healthy recipes, write reviews on skincare products I’ve been using, write about natural and organic brands I love and much more! There’s lots to look forward to so stay tuned and remember, if you like reading my blog, don’t forget to subscribe!

What are your essential natural health and beauty products to take with you when you go on holiday? What do your preparations to holiday include?