How Hemp Oil is Quickly Becoming the Next Beauty Trend

hemp oil

One of the newest beauty products that you might not have even heard of yet is called hemp oil – also going by the name CBD oil. There are lots of health benefits of hemp oil, but one of the outward ones is the benefit that it offers for the skin. There are actually a few things that hemp oil – or CBD oil – can do for your biggest organ. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of CBD for the skin and why it is fast becoming one of the most highly-regarded, new, cosmetic treatments.

Skin Nutrition

One of the biggest benefits of hemp oil when it comes to the beauty treatment aspect of it is skin nutrition.

Most people do not realize that their skin is not getting enough nutrition. The hair and skin of your body have nutritional needs just like the other organs. The right vitamins and minerals make all the difference when it comes to performing well.

The great thing about hemp oil is that it contains lots of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins. For example, the B-complex vitamin is an important part of the regeneration process of your cells while vitamins A and D give you healthy-looking skin. Hemp oil also has high omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid content.


Acne is a common problem among teenagers but even adults can sometimes suffer from it. It is a frustrating condition that does not seem like it has a cure. You can often control it with cleansers and acne medication, but it can pop up again and again.

Acne is caused by the production of too much sebum. But hemp oil can help to inhibit that production and return it to healthy levels. Plus, since CBD oil is anti-inflammatory, it can help to improve the appearance of acne by reducing inflammation around pimples. In addition, acne is basically an infection, since bacteria, dirt, dead skin and sebum mixed together to clog pores. But hemp oil is an antibacterial agent and can get at the root of the problem.


CBD oil also has anti-aging benefits.

One of the systems that are vital to looking young as long as possible is called the endocannabinoid system. This system is critical when it comes to basal cells, the cells that makeup nearly all of the epidermis – your skin’s outer layer. But hemp oil can help to strengthen the endocannabinoid system, as well as get rid of free radicals and help skin loses its elasticity, returning you to the younger-looking self that you remember.

CBD oil also helps get rid of fine lines and wrinkles and there are a great many people who use it as their primary cosmetic treatment.

Other Skin Benefits

There are other benefits for the skin as well.

Hemp oil is able to do all of the above things, but it is also useful in treating some skin conditions. In fact, there is research being conducted – with positive results so far – that is determining whether or not hemp oil can be used to treat skin diseases, allergies or even cancer.

One of the skin conditions that hemp oil has been shown to have a significant effect on is eczema. In addition, there are promising results on the effect of CBD oil in treating psoriasis. Hemp oil is anti-inflammatory and boosts your immune system.

If you want to know more about this amazing substance, here is a link to this CBD oil guide, which may answer more of your questions.


  1. Ooooh my mum was going on about Hemp Oil last week which was an absolute shocker as shes elderly. Will be sharing this with her. My lip Balm from the Body Shop also has it in which really keeps my lips hydrated & helps prevent chapping.

  2. It really is extraordinary how CBD Oil came into everyone’s awareness in such a record time. What I find so beautiful about it is that it has been mainly word of mouth what’s made it happen, because CBD obviously works.