My favourite natural beauty products of 2015

My favourite natural beauty products of 2015

Looking back at the year of 2015, I discovered some great natural & organic beauty products which I wanted to share with you today. I also kept some of my favourite beauty products which you will also find out about here. I am all about good quality affordable beauty products so you will find plenty of them here.


I tried several different face moisturisers over the course of the year. In the beginning of the year I was using Rose & Mallow moisturiser from Neal’s Yard Remedies which I would happily purchase again. It’s suitable for all skin type and it’s been great for my combination skin in winter. It lightly moisturises my skin without leaving it greasy and it effectively treats any dry areas.

Over the course of year I tried several different samples and travel sizes of various facial moisturisers and I then decided to purchase a full size bottle of Daily Detox Face Moisturiser from Bloom Remedies. This is a great moisturiser for problem skin, it worked really well for my combination skin in summer. In winter is good as well but I just have to use it in combination with facial oil to treat any dry areas.Daily Detox moisturiser Bloom Remedies

This year I’ve been seriously getting into facial oils. I cannot get enough of them and I want to try all of them! In the beginning of the year I really enjoyed using Moisture Serum from Organics at Home. It was only a sample bottle but it lasted me for a really long time and I would be happy to purchase a full size bottle in the future. I found this oil a great quality and it really helped to keep my skin balanced. It’s also really affordable – you get a lot of product for £21 (50ml bottle). Moisturising serum for oily skin/large pores - Organics at Home

After hours of researching various natural eye creams, I decided that I want to use oil based eye serums which contain 100% natural ingredients instead. I tried some samples of eye oils from different brands and my favourite turned out to be Cucumber & Watermelon Eye Serum from LJ Natural, I am definitely purchasing more of it in the future and will be writing a separate review for it.

In 2015 I was testing out toners from various brands as well as I was hoping to discover something special but nothing was better than Hydrating Mist from Botanicals. I totally love this toner and although it’s a bit pricey I would pay the price as so far I was not able to find anything similar and more affordable. Botanicals Hydrating Mist Mandarin Chamomile

Another great product from Bloom Remedies I discovered this year is their Eye Make-up Remover. It effectively removes eye make up and at the same time gently nourishes the eye. At some point I will write a more detailed review for it but it’s definitely something worth trying.

Bloom Remedies eye makeup remover


When it comes to natural deodorants it’s hard to decide between Dr. Organic brand and Lavera. I would buy both brands regularly but somehow Lavera’s Lime Sensation Deo Roll-on wins. I just love the scent too much.

It feels like years of using Faith In Nature Hemp Green Tea Soap and it’s remaining my favourite body wash and shaving aid. The reason why I love it so much is because it does not dry out my skin, contains certified organic ingredients and it’s really affordable. I normally buy this soap in bulk, I get a box containing 18 soaps and this lasts me for a while. This soap is also certified cruelty free and vegan. When it comes to body moisturisers, over the summer I was loving Lavender Body Lotion from Faith in Nature,  great lotion to use after shaving your legs and for keeping other parts of body in good condition. Faith in Nature Lavender lotion is a light lotion which absorbs quickly and I loved using it in the evening before going to bed due to its lavender scent. If you need something heavier for drier skin nothing beats Weleda’s Skin Food for me.


When it comes to shampoo, my favourite will always be Lavera’s Lemon & Mint Balance Shampoo – I love its citrusy smell and it’s great for hair which gets greasy quickly. But this year I also discovered Neem Shampoo from A. Vogel which is a serious contender to Lavera’s shampoo. Suitable for the whole family and great for greasy hair and flaky scalps. I definitely noticed the difference when using it and highly recommend it.
Neem shampoo from A. Vogel
I always use conditioner when washing my hair and my favourite conditioners remain the ones from Faith in Nature. I particularly love their Ginkgo Biloba conditioner, great for fine, fair and blonde hair, exactly the type of hair I have. All conditioners from Faith in Nature are really affordable, last for long time and certified vegan and cruelty free. They also contain certified organic ingredients.
Faith in Nature ginkgo biloba

When it comes to leave-in conditioner for dry ends I am a big fan of Lavera’s Repair Hair Tip fluid which I purchased in Slovenia several times. It’s light, does not weigh the hair down and helps to reduce split ends. Something that I will purchase more of in the future.

Lavera hair repair tip fluid

So there you have it, some of my favourite beauty products of 2015. I haven’t included all of them and have excluded make-up otherwise the post would have been too long!
What are your favourite beauty products of 2015?

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