Paste, Powder or Substitute: Fluoride Free Toothpaste

fluoride free toothpaste options

As you might know, many people commonly use fluoride-based toothpaste to brush their teeth.

Fluoride is a natural chemical found in a small amount of water, air, and some types of vegetation. This is harmful to humans when ingested in a large quantity but the topical treatment is beneficial for the teeth.

It’s a tricky issue and whether to use fluoride toothpaste or not is a personal choice. Let’s briefly look at some points for and against the use of flouride toothpaste.

What are the benefits of fluoride for teeth?

Fluoride present in oral cavity attracts minerals like calcium to this area. Calcium, as you know, is necessary for bone growth and maintains a healthy and strong structure of teeth. Fluoride exposure is the best way to prevent cavities thus its presence in your daily use toothpaste facilitates oral hygiene. It helps to remove tartar, reduce plaque, protect, and clean the teeth.

The case against fluoride

Some years ago, dentists researched the potential risks of using fluoride in toothpaste and revealed some worrisome information. Fluoride has potential neurotoxins that accumulate inside your body with time.

Then there is the danger of too much exposure for children from a very young age. Children at 2 years old and younger are unable to spit out the toothpaste and as such might swallow high quantities of fluoride.

This mineral in high quantities results in dental fluorosis with pitting or discolouration of teeth. It appears as white and brown spots or white scattered specks. Your teeth might feel rough.

Switching to non-fluoride toothpaste and powders can keep you and your family protected from any toxic exposure to fluoride while maintaining optimal oral hygiene. Check out the different options below:

Fluoride Free Dental Care:

  • Fluoride free toothpaste: It contains natural ingredients like xylitol, hydrated silica, and cranberry extract to prevent bacterial adhesion to teeth. It also helps to remove plaque. Hydrated silica is a silicon dioxide derivative with mild abrasive nature. This functions synergistically with the calcium carbonate for plaque removal. The gel-like texture in such toothpaste is due to hydrated silica and it helps to remove stains.
  • Activated charcoal toothpaste: A number of proponents of the detoxifying powers of charcoal promote its application for brighter and cleaner teeth. This is a carbon form and contains porous particles that attract the food and other particles from the crannies and nooks of the teeth to absorb and finally wash away.  The rising popularity of activated charcoal toothpaste is the rebirth of an ancient medicinal technique. It binds to viruses, stains, bacteria, and tartar making it an ideal tooth cleanser. Even the dentists agree that this ingredient removes the surface stains from dark foods, coffee, tobacco, and red wine.
  • Tooth powder: It contains all-natural ingredients like bentonite clay rich in potassium and calcium, activated charcoal, cinnamon, clove, essential oils, and peppermint leaf. Dental powder often contains artificial sweetener to enhance the taste and xylitol, sea salt, sage, and baking soda. A wide number of variations are available online. People have been using these tooth powders for hundreds of years without any side effects, so making such a shift seems natural.

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Cheryl A Clarke is co-founder of Atlist a community of eco lovers who care about shopping more consciously. Here is where you’ll find thousands of fairtrade, organic and eco friendly products from fluoride free toothpaste to organic cotton bras. Your basic everyday items can help shape our planet’s future!