Rather Lovely – Natural organic skincare & home fragrancing brand

Rather Lovely organic products

Not long ago I’ve been approached by Fiona, a founder of Rather Lovely, natural organic skincare and home fragrancing brand. After taking a look at her website and asking Fiona a few questions, I was happy to try a few products from the brand and write about them on my blog.

Rather Lovely is a new brand, passionate about producing natural products which are not only good for you, but for the environment too. They do not use parabens, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances or colours in their products, and although their products are not certified organic, the raw ingredients they use are certified organic by the Soil Association. They haven’t applied to certify their own products because of the cost implications but this is not a bad thing. It actually brings products’ prices down, making them cheaper than some other brands.

Fiona is actually a homeopath and a natural health practitioner who’s been producing skincare products for her patients for over 10 years now but it’s only last year when she decided to take her products online and create Rather Lovely brand with her business partner Michelle.

Rather Lovely’s products are made in small batches and no animal testing is performed using their products or on any of the ingredients their products contain.

At the moment you will find the following type of natural products on their website:

  • organic skincare products (hand creams and body lotions)
  • natural bathing products (natural bath salts, organic soaps)
  • natural home fragrancing (organic candles, natural reed diffusers)

Their offerings will expand later in the year so it’s well worth following the brand and see what they bring in.

So what products from Rather Lovely did I try? I got my hands on their Love Lavender Organic Hand Cream, Love Dolly Mixture Organic Soaps and Love Spices Reed Diffuser. Were they rather lovely? Let’s find out…

Love Lavender Organic Hand Cream Review

rather lovely organic hand cream

What really stands out from this cream is the scent – when I first started using Love Lavender cream the lavender scent was pretty powerful, perfect for that bedtime routine, when you need to relax. Over time, however, I think the scent slightly faded but it didn’t disappear. I still love it though.

Love Lavender organic hand cream comes in a 30ml airless tube with a pump and this ensures the freshness of the product. It has a lovely, soft and light texture which is quick to absorb, leaving soft and nourished skin. It’s more nourishing than the hand cream from Neal’s Yard Remedies which I reviewed a while ago and this is the reason why I like it more. It’s a shame that you get less of a cream for the same price though. For £10 you will get 50ml of Neal’s Yard hand cream but only 30ml of Rather Lovely’s hand cream. Maybe they will use a bigger tube and charge the same in the future?

Rather Lovely Organic Soaps

rather lovely organic soaps

I love using good, old-fashioned bar of soap in my shower so I was really happy to try the organic soaps from Rather Lovely. I was sent a mixture of soaps, all with slightly different scents but I think I could smell lavender in all of them. These cold-processed soaps are pretty small, smaller than Faith in Nature soaps I normally use and one soap would last me for around 2 weeks (slightly more). I’ve been using them not only for washing but also for shaving. They make a great shaving aid and they don’t dry out the skin.

organic soap in a palm of my hand

The soaps are pretty special as they are handmade and cure for a minimum one month period. This results in a long-lasting bar that doesn’t crack or go soft in use, and a beautiful natural lather (not something Faith in Nature could compete with!). A higher quality of soaps shows in price so a pack of 5 soaps will set you back £12 which makes it £2.40 per soap. I think they are pretty affordable, to be honest. I’ve seen natural handmade soaps more expensive than this.

Love Spices Reed Diffuser

Love Spices natural reed diffuser

I totally love the reed diffuser I’ve been sent – it has such a lovely scent with a beautiful blend of orange, clove and cinnamon essential oils. It’s 100% natural and comes in a recycled glass bottle with rattan reeds.

Love Spices Reed Diffuser is actually the first diffuser I ever tried! Not sure why I never thought of buying anything like that before, it makes such a lovely addition to any room and it looks pretty too, great if you have guests.

In the first few weeks of using it, my bathroom smelled so lovely. Over time the scent faded until I couldn’t smell it anymore when I walked into the bathroom. I quickly learnt that moving the reeds in a bottle up and down will again release some scent, but it’s not as powerful as in the beginning. Well, it is natural, that’s a big plus of it. I hope you don’t use any synthetic diffusers at the moment, they’re supposed to be really bad for your health, not great for your lungs and immune system.

All in all, Rather Lovely is truly a rather lovely brand and I look forward to seeing what new products they bring in this year.

Have you heard of Rather Lovely before?


  1. Sounds like your reed diffuser would be a better choice for me than Love Trees. I also fancy trying the floral one. Lovely brand I’ve really enjoyed trying the products. I previously tried products from Fiona’s Remedy range.

    1. I really liked the diffuser I received. It would make a lovely gift. It’s a shame that Love Trees wasn’t your thing! Yes, I think the same, lovely brand, nice products and I am happy to recommend them.

  2. Hi Petra, these look nice products.
    With reed diffusers, you should flip the reeds about once a week, so the dryer end goes in the oil & the oily end gets some air. It helps to throw the scent.
    You can adjust the level of scent throw with the number of reeds. More reeds, more scent, obviously this will go through the oil quicker.

    1. Thanks so much for the tips, I didn’t know any of these! Obviously, it’s my first diffuser ever but I will keep this in mind for the future.

  3. Hi Petra,

    Thanks for valuable information. Sounds like your reed diffuser would be a better choice for me than Love Trees. I also fancy trying the floral one. lovely sounds great and such cute products.