How heat therapy can help relieve pain naturally (Hotteeze Heat Pads Review)

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We all suffer from some kind of pain at some point in our lives and many times we are very quick to turn to pain-killing drugs and NSAIDs for the treatment of it. But these drugs don’t come without side effects and they are not suitable for everyone. The ideal approach is to look at alternative options which are more natural and don’t come with harmful side effects. One of these options is heat therapy.

Heat therapy (or thermotherapy) is very useful for treating pain naturally, more useful than some people realise. It’s because muscle responds well to heat and when the blood flow to muscles increases, this helps muscles to relax and the pain is reduced.

Heat therapy can be done in many different ways, for example, you could have a hot bath, use a hot water bottle or wear heat pads. You could also use a combination of all these different options, just use them accordingly to your lifestyle and your location. In this post, I discuss the use of heat pads (Hotteeze Heat Pads) and the pros and cons of using them. But before I talk more about heat pads, let’s have a look at first what heat therapy can help with, any scientific evidence, when you should use it and when you should avoid it.

Hotteeze heat pads

Examples when it’s beneficial to use heat therapy:

  • When you get muscle soreness and pain after your first ski trip
  • To help sore and tightened muscles relax the day after a difficult workout in the gym
  • Useful for strains & sprains
  • When suffering from tendonitis or stiffness in the tendons
  • For relieving pain or spasm relating to neck or back injury (just keep in mind that if you do have back pain you should visit a specialist such as for advice)
  • For sore joints caused by arthritis
  • For most kind of cramping and spasms (for example, menstrual cramps, neuropathic, restless leg syndrome)
  • For chronic pain such as the one related to fibromyalgia, the rheumatic diseases, drug side effects and vitamin D deficiency

Heat therapy studies

There are actually some studies which have proved that heat therapy works, for example:

  1. Continuous low-level heat therapy proved to be effective for treating wrist pain (source).
  2. Heat wrap therapy was shown to provide significant therapeutic benefits for acute low back pain (source).
  3. Many studies have shown the effectiveness of heat therapies for period pains. Heat patches are as effective or even more effective for period pains than pain-killers.


Heat is not suitable to use for all injury types and conditions. Don’t use heat on fresh injuries and inflamed or infected tissue. Consult your physiotherapist or personal doctor if you are not sure.

Here is one video explaining how heat therapy helps to relieve pain:

Why and when to use heat pads

When you are on the go, working away or travelling, heat pads or patches come really handy. Imagine using a hot water bottle in your office? Or try to use a hot water bottle on public transport? Definitely not practical! Heat pads, on the other hand, are really practical, discreet and convenient. You just stick them on your clothes (ideally on a first layer) where needed, and you don’t have to worry about them falling off or losing their heat (the heat can last for a quite long time).

Hotteeze heat pad large

Hotteeze Heat Pads – My experience and review

I’ve never used heat pads before but now, after testing, Hotteeze Heat Pads, I can see how useful they are.

I tested these heat pads during my period and wow, I was amazed at how well they work for that.

I only experience mild period pains and only sometimes they get really bad. I normally just deal with it and try not to think about it but now that I know how well the heat works on this type of pains, I will no doubt be using it more often.

I used a large Hotteeze heat pad for my period pains and have stuck the pad directly below my belly button, on top of a cotton vest. I could feel the pad starting to heat up straight away and after about 10 minutes it was nice and warm and started to work its magic.

My day started with some mild period pains but after sticking the Hotteeze heat pad on, that really improved and over the course of the day, it made me feel really comfortable and really helped to reduce the pain, actually I think the pain totally disappeared. This heat pad lasted for about 12 hours, so it’s perfect to use for the whole day, you just have to remember to stick it on in the morning.

The second occasion I used Hotteeze heat pads was nothing to do with the pain, it was more to do with being cold!

Hotteeze do special heat pads which you can place in your shoes to keep your feet warm – this comes handy when the weather is cold.

I get cold feet quite often so having something warm in my footwear was really cool. There is not much health benefit of doing so, just to make you more comfortable (and warmer) but I just wanted to mention another way of using Hotteeze heat pads. What’s more, you can also get special heat pads, designed especially to warm up your hands (you can either place them in your pocket or put them in your gloves). The heat pads designed especially for feet and hands can, of course, be used as a pain relief if you suffer from joint pain in one of these areas.

Hotteeze heat pad large - the back of packaging

More details about Hotteeze Heat pads

Hotteeze Heat Pads (aff) are really sturdy and of high quality. They are made in Japan under the strictest quality controls. Heat pads were actually invented in Japan by the Japanese, did you know that? So, if you want good quality heat pads, the Japanese heat pads are the ones to buy. 

While the contents of these heats pads are biodegradable and eco-friendly, the packaging is not, so the outer wrapping will have to go into the non-compostable bin. Hotteeze Heat pads are the only eco-friendly heat pads in the UK at the moment.

The ingredients in these pads can be reused as a soil conditioner if you like, you just have to open the pad with scissors and sprinkle its contents in the garden or pot plants.

Here are all the ingredients these pads contain: potassium chloride, iron powder, water and activated carbon. 

Pros and cons of Hotteeze Heat Pads

Pros Cons
Convenient, discreet and easy to use Not reusable
The heat can last up to 12 hours They come in plastic wrapping
Odourless They cannot be worn at night
 Sturdy material (they don’t break or rip)  Not recommended for pregnant women or people suffering from diabetes, circulatory, mental or nervous disorders
 Endorsed by Australian Physiotherapy Association
 Multipurpose: can be used to stay warm in the cold as well
 Eco-friendly contents

You can buy Hotteeze heat pads here and also on Amazon (affiliate link).

So now that you know about the benefits of heat therapy, will you give it a go?