10 important lifestyle changes to improve your health in 2016

In January many people join gyms and go on a diet in an effort to lose weight and improve their health. Do you want to be healthy and happy in 2016? It’s actually not about dieting! It’s about introducing small changes to your life which will make a difference. And it’s not all about food and exercise either. Taking a holistic approach is a better way to start off New Year. Do something different for your health in the new year. Try the following:

1. Learn to manage stress
Stress can affect your health in many ways so it’s really important to manage it effectively.

2. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night
Getting enough sleep keeps your immune system strong and helps with weight loss.

3. Replace unhealthy snacks with the healthy ones
What do you snack on? Crisps, biscuits, cakes or chocolate? Why not eating fruits, nuts and hummus with veggies instead?  Apart from vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables will also help you to increase your total daily water intake.

4. Be active during your lunch hour
A sedentary lifestyle is dangerous to your health so it’s important to be active during your lunch hour especially if you sit in an office all day. Go for a walk or a bike ride but DON’T sit behind your desk ALL your lunch.
running shoes - Exercise or not exercise when unwell?

5. Get tested for vitamin D deficiency and supplement if needed
Do you know your vitamin D levels? Most of us are deficient, therefore I highly recommend you get tested. Vitamin D is essential for healthy teeth and bones and for keeping your immune system strong. If you are deficient you risk developing certain illnesses associated with low vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D testing kit
Vitamin D testing kit from NHS

6. Drink more water and green tea.
Green tea speeds up your metabolism and drinking water 30 minutes before eating can help with weight loss.

7. Improve your fitness by getting involved in activities you love
You don’t have to join the gym in order to be more active in 2016. What is your favourite activity? Cycling, running or walking? Maybe it’s time to try something new. Do what you love and you won’t have problems getting yourself motivated to exercise.

Consider workout supplements to boost your protein intake, muscle mass and weight loss.

Cycling is my favourite exercise

8. Buy more natural beauty products
Everyday cosmetics is packed with harmful ingredients and toxins you’d rather avoid if you want to stay healthy. Parabens have been linked to cancer and triclosan is a suspected endocrine disrupter. Better be safe than sorry?
Don’t know where to start? Check my favourite natural beauty products of 2015.

9. Drink lemon water first thing in the morning
There are lots of benefits of drinking lemon water every day but the main ones are to cleanse your liver and to prevent kidney stones.
lemon water

10. Soak your nuts
If you eat nuts on a regular basis soak them first. Soaked nuts are easier to digest and more nutrients gets absorbed into your body after soaking. Learn more about why you should soak your nuts here.

So there you have it, 10 important changes you can do to your lifestyle in 2016 to improve your health.

Join me in the new year for a holistic approach to staying healthy – I will be sharing more health articles, healthy eating inspiration, fitness posts and much more to help you be healthier in 2016.


  1. Great advice here Petra! #4 is something I need to do more about – I’m so guilty of eating lunch at my desk so I can squeeze in doing blog-related bits and pieces in that hour. Although the extra time to do that really helps, I know sitting at my desk for so long is far worse for me than losing the time.

    #10 isn’t something I was aware of – good tip 🙂

    1. I am glad you found the article useful Natalie. Don’t worry I also eat lunch at my desk but lately I’ve been making conscious efforts to walk at least 20 minutes during my lunch hour. I will continue doing this in the new year. It really clears my mind and makes me feel better. If you start your lunch at your desk it’s so easy to get distracted by doing other things so I think the best is just to go for a walk first as soon as your lunch begins.

  2. Great tips there Petra 🙂 I definitely need to work on getting regular 8 hours sleep every night! Also, I’m thinking to start activating my nuts as they’re a big part of my diet!

    1. Thanks Nadia. It’s definitely worth soaking the nuts as you will get more nutrients out of them, especially if they are a big part of your diet. I have nuts and seeds as part of my breakfast so I always try to remember in the evening to put them in liquid for overnight soaking.

  3. Hi Petra
    I’m a homeopath and natural health practitioner and have just come across your blog. It’s great and I’d love to send you some products from my range of organic skincare and natural home fragrancing to review.
    If you are interested then pleas get in touch.

    1. Hi Fiona. I am glad you like my blog.I will take a look at your site and get in touch with you via email.

  4. Hi Petra, I love your Blog! Especially this post: 10 important lifestyle changes to improve your health in 2016!! You’re right it’s the small and positive incremental steps that makes all the difference!

    1. Hi Chris, so happy to hear you love my blog and especially this post. I had a look at your website and it’s great what you do. I have also followed you on Twitter.

      1. Hi Petra, I am so pleased that you like what we do! We have followed you on Twitter too…