My latest health & beauty buys

latest health and beauty buys

Here are some of the health and beauty products I bought recently, some of them are my old favourites and some of them are products which I haven’t tried before. Have you tried any of these?

Bee Prepared Max Strength from Unbeelievable* – this is something I always like to have either in my cupboard or with me during my travels. Great for when you feel you are coming up with something or when you haven’t been looking after yourself because of lack of time (bad diet, lack of sleep, stress).

I take Bee Prepared capsules when I know my immune system needs a bit of boost or when I am going through a stressful period. It definitely keeps my immune system strong. I haven’t been ill or with a cold for a long time. Currently it’s on offer on Amazon*.

Fushi Turmeric C3 & Bioperine Extract – I bought this on Naturisimo site together with Bee Prepared when they had an offer on during Easter. Turmeric has many health benefits (prevents cancer and even kills tumours) and I thought I would buy it as I only use turmeric once a week in a lentil soup, but I know I should use it more often. However, I am not big fan of the flavour so I thought that having it in capsules’  form is the best way of taking it.
Although it’s not an essential supplement for me I hope it would help my joints (I get knee pain sometimes due to damaged cartilage); I also hope it will help my digestive system (I suffer from bloating).

Important note: You should take turmeric with bioperine (black pepper extract) for better absorption. Having it with some kind of fat and vitamin C also aids absorption.

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Nettle tea – I got this Romanian nettle tea from a Polish shop. It’s a herbal tea, not a real tea obviously. I like to drink nettle tea in the morning when I get up or in the evening.
Just to mention some of its benefits: 

  • It contains iron (and other minerals), so it’s great for people who don’t eat meat
  • It can help with symptoms of allergies and hayfever
  • Nettle is a good digestive tract stimulant. It protects liver and it can even be considered as a soft laxative

Weleda Skin Food – This is a multipurpose cream which I don’t want to be without. It’s great for dry skin anywhere on your body. I use it on my feet, elbows, even on my face. You can also use it as a hand cream although it’s a little bit thick for that (but you could always add some kind of oil to make it thinner). 

Lavera Deo Roll-On (lime)* – Another favourite of mine. Organic and vegan. It smells amazing and it works. I haven’t found any other natural deodorants which I would love as much so I keep repurchasing this one.

Faith in Nature Ginkgo Biloba conditioner* – I love shampoos and conditioners from Faith in Nature. They are really affordable and last for a long time. I repurchased this conditioner after I ran out. 

health and beauty buys

Botanicals Radiance Serum White Grape & Avocado – I was running out of Blue Labelle’s Moringa & Raspberry Face Oil when an email landed in my inbox with an amazing offer from Botanicals – their radiance serum was almost half price! Of course I couldn’t resist it and went ahead. So far I am loving it. Lovely scent, also it’s keeping my skin healthy and clear.

Botanicals ‘Indulgence’ Organic Body Oil – Another product from Botanicals which I love. It came as part of Pure Natural Box a while ago and it smells amazing. Definitely ‘sensual & exotic’, as described.

Angela Langford Angel Eyes – This nourishing eye oil also came as part of Pure Natural Box. It contains cucumber, rosehip and argan oils and it works well for me although I am not a fan of the scent.

Gerlinde Naturals Organic Rose Hydrosol Toner – This is a toner which was recommended to me by Annie from Hello Purple Clouds. Affordable and it contains no alcohol. It slightly hydrates the skin but not as much as Botanicals Hydrating Mist.
When I bought this toner I also bought a sample of their eye serum for my fiance. I just need him to use it now!

So there you have it, some of the health and beauty products I bought recently. What are your recent buys? Have you used any of these products before? 

* This post contains affiliate links (if you purchase something after you click on a link, I will get a small commission which will help me maintain this website).


  1. Ooh I hadn’t realised that Lavera do a deodorant (I’ve only tried their body lotion before) but it’s good to hear that it works! Will have to give it a try. I recently tried Dr Organic’s deodorant and it’s pretty much useless 🙁

    1. I tried quite a few deodorants from Dr. Organic and my favourite was pomegranate which I found ok but I still prefer using Lavera’s lime deodorant. If you do give it a try, it’s worth buying it from a shop where you can actually smell it. I prefer doing it this way as I bought it online once and it didn’t smell quite right.