5 foods that help promote healthy eyes


Want to have healthy eyes? Getting yourself booked in for regular eye checks is one thing, but there’s more you can do in your own time to maintain a healthy vision.  This may not come as a surprise to you but making small changes to your diet could make a big difference. There are actually […]

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Why you need a good quality sleep to stay healthy

cat sleeping

While sticking to a sensible, balanced diet and a regular exercise regime is a must in order to look after yourself, did you know getting enough quality sleep is just as important? Skimping on slumber is a big no-no, so if you’re guilty of making this mistake, keep reading. In this blog, we take a […]

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10 Things to Avoid to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

healthy teeth

How are you looking after your teeth? Do you just brush them twice a day, thinking that’s all you can do to keep them healthy? Well, that’s not exactly all you can do. There are certain things you should actually avoid doing in order to keep your teeth healthy. Did you know that certain habits […]

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The Importance of Taking Care of your Feet

Dirty feet

Many of us look after our health. We try to eat well, exercise regularly and try to maintain a healthy weight, but how many of us think about looking after our feet? Feet? I know, strange right, but that is exactly the problem. We just do not realise how important healthy feet are to being able […]

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The Top 5 Foods For IBS Sufferers

natural yoghurt

Today I have a guest post for you from lovely Carly, blogging over at Well Being Journal. Carly was diagnosed with IBS three years ago and since then she’s been researching this digestive problem and finding out what eases her symptoms and what makes it worse. IBS symptoms and trigger-foods vary from person-to-person and this […]

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