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I used to regularly catch colds in winter but now I can proudly say that I haven’t had a fully developed cold in years. I say ‘fully developed cold’ because my colds turn really nasty – nose constantly dripping, eyes watering and getting all swollen-up, not to mention sneezing and inability to sleep at night due to all the symptoms.  Luckily I haven’t experienced this in a long time and I hope it stays like that. However, this doesn’t mean that I don’t catch colds from other people, I actually do and normally it happens when my immune system is compromised, usually when I don’t get enough sleep. But I found a way of stopping the cold from developing fully and here is what I do…

My first port of call when I get sniffles is Bee Prepared from Unbeelievable Health which I previously reviewed here. I always like to have a pack of Bee Prepared at home and I will also use it at times when I am under stress and when I feel my immune system needs a bit of boost. What I really love about these capsules is that their formula is really natural, containing natural immune boosting ingredients such as propolis, olive leaf extract and elderberry extract.

Bee Prepared capsules work absolute wonders for my immune system and I strongly believe they are the main reason why I don’t fully develop the cold – I only have some sniffles for one day or two and then they are gone. I take up to 4 capsules a day, as recommended, for a maximum support. You can buy them in Holland & Barrett or on Amazon.

Apart from using Bee Prepared capsules I try to fight cold and boost my immune system in other ways, so this is also what I do:

  1. Eat lots of garlic – Garlic is an amazing natural antibiotic and I always like to use loads when cooking. When I get sniffles I make an effort to use even more. Try and use more garlic by adding loads to your pasta and rice dishes or use it fresh in a home-made tzatziki.
  2. Drink lots of herbal teasElderberry and ginger tea can be especially beneficial. I love organic herbal teas from Pukka Herbs and almost always have some in my cupboards.
  3. Try and eat more ginger – I am not the biggest fan of ginger but I do make an effort and add it to my cooking when I can as it has so many health benefits. Fresh ginger is the best, of course, and great for ginger tea but I find it too strong. What I started doing lately is adding a sprinkle of ground ginger into warm lemon water sweetened with some honey. If you are fighting a cold, find ways of adding more ginger to your foods or drinks, just see what works better for you.
  4. Use Echinacea dropsEchinacea has a proven antiviral effect and can help to shorten the duration of a common cold by 1 to 4 days. I don’t normally buy Echinacea drops as I turn to Bee Prepared capsules first but I happen to have these drops at home at the moment as I bought them for my partner when he had a cold. So now (since I have them) I would use them if needed. You can buy them in Holland & Barrett.

There are many more natural cold remedies of course but here I just wanted to mention the ones which I I normally use and recommend.
What’s your favourite natural cold remedy that really works for you? Have you tried any of the remedies mentioned in this post?

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    1. Yes, ginger can be quite helpful but I always like to use as many natural cold remedies as possible at once and I swear by Bee Prepared from Unbeelievable Health.

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