Supplements: What I bought recently

natural supplements

Recently I stocked up on certain supplements which I regularly take as I found some good offers around. Here’s what I bought:

Viridian Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil

So far I have tried several omega oils but haven’t found anything as good as Viridian’s Organic Clear Skin oil which I previously reviewed here. This omega oil blend really works for me and makes my skin looking healthier and clearer. Get it here.

Together B Complex capsules

I’ve been buying B complex capsules from Together for years now. I buy it for my sister mostly but sometimes for me. Myself, I normally use it around my period time as it helps with PMS symptoms. I love that these B vitamins come from natural sources and the capsules are pretty affordable as well (£7.49 for 30 capsules). Buy them here.

Vitamin D oral spray from Better You

I always have a vitamin D spray ‘bottle’ from Better You at home and that’s because I don’t get enough vitamin D through food or sun. I’ve been supplementing since I took a home vitamin D test a while back which showed that I was deficient. This time I decided to buy a pack of 4, just because I use it all the time. I also got one for my sister.

natural supplements

Royal Green Superfood Turmeric Complex

This is the second bottle of Royal Green Superfood Turmeric Complex for me as I don’t find it easy to consume turmeric and black pepper with my food. The capsules contain a powerful combination of turmeric, ginger and black pepper which acts as an amazing anti-inflammatory. Research shows that black pepper enhances the absorption of turmeric many times. This supplement is great for joint problems, muscle aches and many other health issues, it also supports the digestive system and liver. I take it for my digestion and for joints.
You can buy Royal Green Superfood Turmeric Complex on BodyKind website.

Holland & Barrett Acidophilus (with pectin)

I’ve been experiencing some serious issues with my digestion lately and I don’t know whether it’s down to some kind of intolerance or the Gilbert’s syndrome I’ve been diagnosed with recently. I am hoping that supplementing with the good bacteria will help, hence the reason why I bought these Acidophilus capsules in Holland & Barrett (their buy one get one half price offer is still on).

Holland & Barrett Extra Strength Oil of Peppermint Capsules

Another product which I bought for digestive health. It’s only later when I realised that they use gelatine in their capsules which I am not a fan of (it’s not vegetarian!) so I won’t be buying this again for sure.

Remember, a healthy and well balanced diet comes before supplements so, don’t eat lots of unhealthy foods thinking that supplements will fix your bad diet! My diet is generally really healthy but I still feel I need to take certain supplements as I know they really make a difference to my health. Everybody is different and has different needs and if you are not sure whether you need to supplement, speak to a nutritionist or dietitian.

What supplements do you regularly use? Have you ever had yourself tested for vitamin D deficiency?


  1. Really interested to hear your recommendations on supplements. Every now and then I will buy something and it sits in the cupboard unused. There’s quite a few you’ve mentioned that I’ve never come across. I’m sure my daughter would certainly benefit from taking some of these. Carrie x

    1. To be honest Carrie I often forget to take my supplements! But I know exactly what works for me and why I should take it so I do make an effort.