A revolutionary supplement that can help you live healthy longer? (Tru Niagen® Review)

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Recently I’ve discovered a supplement called TRU NIAGEN®, a really exciting supplement which has proven health benefits and may improve healthspan by increasing NAD levels in our body.

tru niagen supplement - a unique form of vitamin B3 (NR)

NAD or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is a compound found in all living beings and plays an important role in the chemical process that generates energy. It is also involved in maintaining healthy DNA and other biochemical processes.

With age, NAD levels decline (we lose up to 50% of our NAD levels between the ages of 40 and 60) and this can affect our cellular energy supply and cellular health. When NAD levels decline, this means that our cells have a harder time producing the energy they need to maintain our health as we age. This also affects our capacity for cellular repair and over time, this can lead to ageing and age-associated changes in our health.

It is believed that using supplements to increase NAD levels in our body could help to delay the effects of ageing and the health issues associated with the declining NAD levels.

It is certainly exciting to know that you can do something about ageing and may even be able to delay the effects of ageing so I decided to spend more time researching about NAD and Tru Niagen® in particular. How does Tru Niagen® work? Who would benefit from taking it? Are there any side effects? I have even personally put it to the test so read on to learn all about this healthy ageing supplement and its benefits. See what Tru Niagen® can do for you and whether it’s actually worth taking.

What is Tru Niagen® actually?

Tru Niagen® is a trusted NAD-boosting supplement, clinically proven to increase levels of NAD in the human body.

Tru Niagen® is a very simple supplement which contains a unique form of vitamin B3 (NR – Nicotinamide Riboside) that can safely and effectively raise NAD levels. Although this unique form of vitamin B3 is synthesized, it is structurally and functionally identical to naturally-occurring NR found in trace amounts in milk. But you would have to drink hundreds of litres of milk to get as much as NR into your body as what’s in a recommended serving of Tru Niagen® (two capsules).

NR was first identified in the 1940s but it was in 2004 when Dr. Charles Brenner discovered that NR can be used by cells to create more NAD. Since then, over 150 scientific articles have been published on this key ingredient.

Research on this supplement is continuing with several studies currently in progress and new research articles published regularly as scientists continue to uncover the potential of this remarkable nutrient.

NIAGEN® is the first and only known patented and safety-validated form of NR and the best way to supplement with it is by buying Tru Niagen® capsules.

Niagen® has been twice successfully reviewed under FDA’s new dietary ingredient (NDI) notification program, and also successfully notified to the FDA as generally recognised as safe (GRAS). The supplement is suitable for vegetarians and contains no nuts, no caffeine, no gluten, and no artificial colours or flavours.

tru niagen ingredients

What are the benefits of taking Tru Niagen®?

Tru Niagen® raises NAD levels in our bodies to support our cellular energy and cellular health. As a result, the most commonly noticed changes reported by Tru Niagen(R) users include improvements in energy levels and an enhanced sense of overall well-being.

Our levels of NAD not only decline with age, but they also decline when our cells become stressed due to drinking too much alcohol, lack of exercise or overeating. This affects our cellular energy, which is critical for maintaining our health. Increasing NAD levels by supplementing with Tru Niagen® can promote repair at the cellular level to help counteract the effects of stress and time.

Dr. Brenner explains:

What we see in research is that animals subjected to metabolic stresses including alcohol, too much food and other types of damage are protected. The mechanism is that NAD, the central regulator of metabolism is disturbed by these conditions. Based on what we’ve seen in preclinical research (animal studies).

Who is Tru Niagen® suitable for?

Dr. Brenner says that “Tru Niagen is appropriate for adults of all ages because it protects NAD against the conditions that attack NAD including reactive oxygen species damage and the effects of too much food and alcohol. In addition, because NAD declines in aging, taking Tru Niagen is a great way to use science to support wellness.”

When researching Tru Niagen® I also wanted to know whether it’s suitable for those suffering from heart disease and cancer. Should anyone actually avoid taking it?

It is still early days to know the answers to all the questions since this supplement is currently undergoing several trials.

If you are wondering whether this supplement is safe for your condition, the best is to ask your doctor (there’s also a doctor’s website http://md.truniagen.com where health professionals can get more information).

How to take Tru Niagen®

Tru Niagen® can be taken with or without food. You can have it with tea or coffee if you like.

People normally take it in the morning but you can take it at whatever time of day is most convenient for you. You could even try splitting up the daily serving and taking one capsule in the morning and one capsule in evening.

The supplement can be taken every day for a long period of time (indefinitely) – you don’t need to have any breaks during your supplementation.

petra taking tru niagen capsule

How long does it take for Tru Niagen® to work?

Once you start taking Tru Niagen®, your experience will be unique to you.

Everybody will react differently to this supplement and your results may vary depending on your age, diet, exercise and sleep habits.

As proven by science, Tru Niagen® will start increasing NAD levels shortly after you take it. Although you may not feel the benefits straight away, Tru Niagen® will help your cells remain energised and resilient in the face of everyday stresses.

Tru Niagen® – My experience and review

I’ve been taking Tru Niagen® for about 3 weeks now and I haven’t started taking it because I truly need it, it’s not essential for me, it’s more like an experiment to see what it does for me. I am particularly interested in the healthy ageing benefit.

Just to mention that I am generally really healthy – I eat healthily, I exercise regularly and I don’t smoke or drink. I also get plenty of sleep and I don’t suffer from any illnesses. I am quite a health-conscious person and for this reason, I didn’t expect Tru Niagen® to do much for me. Although it would be great if it helped to delay effects of my ageing but I think I have to use it for a little bit longer to see some real effects in regards to this.

petra with tru niagen

During this time of taking Tru Niagen®, I am not sure whether I felt any different or experienced some of its benefits. I certainly haven’t experienced any side effects. Thinking back, Tru Niagen® may have helped me with my post-exercise recovery (have seen some improvement in this area) but I haven’t paid attention to any other possible signs that would tell me it’s doing something for me. If it did something good to my body, it must have been so subtle that I didn’t notice.

However, I believe it’s still early to say what Tru Niagen® can do for me so I will continue supplementing so that I can get a better idea of its benefits. I guess if you are healthy and there is not much wrong with you, maybe it takes more time to feel different when supplementing with Tru Niagen®? Quite possibly. Or maybe that’s how it is, you don’t really feel any different but there is still something happening inside of your body – your NAD levels increase and you age better. Anyhow, my experience should not discourage you from trying Tru Niagen® for yourself. It’s just exciting to know that it has so much potential and it seems to be a supplement well worth trying if you want to support your health and counteract the effects of ageing.

I cannot wait to see the results of the current trials and learn more about what Tru Niagen® can do for my health. I will be certainly keeping a close eye on the most recent developments.

If you want to try Tru Niagen® for yourself, the best is to buy it directly on Amazon but if you are US-based you can purchase it on Tru Niagen website here (free US shipping).