Holiday time!

Body care products

I will be on holiday soon, relaxing in beautiful Slovenia and I just wanted to make my readers aware that I will be away for a few weeks with limited access to the Internet. I also wanted to take this opportunity to write about how I’ve been preparing for this holiday, which includes making decisions […]

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Top 10 healthy foods to take camping

All natural peanut butter

Recently I came across a LoveFood blog post called ‘Top 10 foods to take camping‘ and I immediately saw that there wasn’t that many healthy foods on the list. This is a reason why I decided to write this blog post. Camping doesn’t need to be full of unhealthy meals and if you are not sure […]

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My vegetarian week experience

Jacket potato with asparagus salad and poached egg

If you somehow missed it, it was National Vegetarian Week from 19th – 25th May and once I saw this challenge mentioned in the Healthy Food Guide magazine I wanted to take part. I thought it would be interesting to do something different, challenge myself and push myself even further when it comes to healthy […]

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National Vegetarian Week

National vegetarian week

It’s  a National Vegetarian Week next week, starting on Monday, 19th May and finishing on Sunday, 25th May. This is my first year I am participating and I am quite excited about it actually! There are several reasons why you should give up meat and one of them is for your health and wellbeing and this […]

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