Brown lentil salad with roasted veg

This is the first time I’ve made this meal. I got inspiration from lentil recipes published in Healthy Food Guide magazine in the past 6 months or so. As I didn’t have all the ingredients required in those recipes I decided to use whatever ingredients I had available at home. I had sweet potatoes, carrots […]

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April is bowel cancer awareness month

April is a bowel cancer awareness month and we should all try to raise awareness of bowel cancer by learning about the symptoms and spreading the word through our friends and family. Watch and share this video from Bowel Cancer UK: On Macmillian website you can also access free information booklet about bowel cancer to help […]

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Whole Foods Market – A must go health store

Make up and natural/organic face care section

London is great for shopping, any kind of shopping but living in the West Midlands, it doesn’t happen that often that I would go to London for pleasure. Luckily, this weekend I had an opportunity to go to London as it was my friend’s birthday and this time I wanted to shop for natural and […]

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My vitamin D test results revealed

blood spot test for vitamin D (nhs)

In case you missed my recent post about the importance of vitamin D testing – I had myself tested for vitamin D deficiency as I had slight concerns that I wasn’t getting enough. I ordered the test through BetterYou, which was quickly sent to me and then I sent the collection device with my blood sample to […]

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“Healthy” pancakes

Finished healthier pancakes

I forgot how easy it is to make pancakes. I used to eat and make them weekly as a child and with time I really got bored of them. The thing is that we had lots of chickens at home and this meant lots of eggs! My mum had to do something with those cracked […]

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