Why a private health check is a good idea

health check

Have you ever thought of doing a private health check or health assessment? It’s not a bad idea actually, especially if you are over 30 years old. As we get older we are more likely to suffer from various health issues and conditions. Some of these conditions come with no symptoms, for example, high blood pressure, high cholesterol […]

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Why Natural Skincare Products Are Worth the Extra Investment

natural beauty ingredients

Whenever our skin is exposed to external elements, it reacts like a sponge i.e. it absorbs everything it can. Elements absorbed through our skin may include harmful chemicals and dangerous pollutants which are found not only in the environment but also in our skincare and beauty products. For this reason, natural skincare products have become increasingly […]

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Cycling to work: What I’ve learnt in 10 months

Caught in the rain

The best time to start cycling to work is when the weather is warm. I started cycling to work last year in July as the company I worked for moved office and this new office was more than just a walk from my home. So I decided to start cycling to work, to save time and money and […]

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Natural palm-free soaps from Simply Soaps

Simply Soaps: palm-free natural soaps

I love a good bar of soap, much prefer it from natural body washes as solid soaps foam much better and have fewer ingredients to worry about. So when I was contacted by Simply Soaps I happily agreed to review their soaps. They sent me two palm-free soaps to try: Hemp Hair & Body Soap […]

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6 Easy Ways to Keep Fit While Travelling

keeping fit when travelling

Are you concerned about piling on the excess pounds when you’re off on your next holiday? It’s fairly natural to gain a little extra weight off the back of a vacation, so it’s important to try your best to stick to a relatively decent workout routine. Today, we’re going to explore five ways you can […]

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A complete guide to acupuncture for back pain

acupuncture for back pain

According to Dr (TCM) John Tsagaris, acupuncture is an ancient tool that triggers responses from the body to address a health concern, including inflammation and pain. The technique has been recorded to regulate energy and focus on assessing the pathological underlying causes of a disease in order to allow the body to have the capacity […]

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