5 Smoothies That Help You Sleep


There are a number of ways that one may help themselves get better quality sleep. One of the things that is increasingly popular is to drink smoothies that help you get better sleep. It may sound odd, but there are so many things that you can put into a smoothie. You have nearly limitless options to get the nutrients that you need for whatever your goal is.

Basic Elements In A Smoothie For Better Sleep

Almost all smoothies contain some ingredients in common. Each of these elements serves a different purpose, but each is critical to the best sleep. Some of the things that are in every smoothie include:

Milk– Milk will increase the calcium that your body needs to produce a chemical known as tryptophan. This is a chemical that will help you ease into a nice and productive sleep.

Bananas– Your muscles will start to relax when you eat or drink bananas before you go to bed. They contain melatonin, serotonin, and magnesium. Each of those elements helps the body to relax.

Almonds – Almonds are an excellent source of magnesium, riboflavin, and phosphorus. These little wonder nuts are also associated with a lower risk of heart disease and type two diabetes in people who regularly eat them. They also contain melatonin which is a hormone in the human body that helps with relaxation and sleep.

Kiwi – Kiwis contain 117% of a person’s daily vitamin C needs while also having potassium and folate. They are shown to be beneficial for digestive health, lower cholesterol and even reduce inflammation. This is due to the significant amounts of antioxidants they provide.
A study conducted showed that people who ate a kiwi one hour before bed fell asleep 42% faster than those who didn’t. This is due to the fact that kiwi contains serotonin which is a chemical in the human brain that controls sleep cycles.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

What could be better than a peanut butter banana smoothie? This contains both milk and bananas while at the same time delivering that delicious peanut butter taste. The peanut butter adds a certain sweetness to it that can’t be matched. Peanut butter and bananas happen to be the perfect combination together as well.

2 bananas
2 tbsp. honey
1 cup milk
½ cup peanut butter
2 cup of ice cubes

Place all ingredients together in the blender and turn it on until smooth and creamy. There are about 350 calories per serving with 20 g of fat, 35 g carbohydrates, and 15 g protein. Combining milk and bananas in one smoothly gives you melatonin, serotonin, and tryptophan which all aid with sleep.

Cherry Pie Smoothie

A cherry pie is a favorite of nearly everyone, and there is nothing better than making that classic dessert into something that is even better. Cherry pie and a smoothie all in one? That is what it is all about. Your bedtime snack can be just as delicious as any other dessert out there.

1 cup frozen or fresh cherries
1/2 cup plain yogurt
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp. honey
2 tablespoons raw almonds
1/3 cup milk

This is a sleep-inducing smoothie containing almonds, milk and yogurt. The tryptophan and melatonin from these ingredients will have you sitting back in bed ready for a perfect night’s sleep.

Banana And Nutmeg Smoothie

Banana makes a return for this recipe as well, but now we want to combine it with nutmeg. Nutmeg is great for you, and there is little to say that you can’t combine it with something else to balance the taste of it out. Bananas with nutmeg make for a great combination together.

1 banana
1.5 cup milk
1/4 tbsp. nutmeg
2 tbsp. honey

If you love bananas then this is the bedtime snack for you. The melatonin, serotonin, and magnesium in bananas will have you straining to keep your eyes open while you fall into a deep sleep.

Almond And Flax Seed Smoothie

Both almond and flaxseed contain elements that are anti-inflammatory. This means that they can reduce heartburn, indigestion, and other issues that might keep you tossing and turning otherwise. Therefore, you should consider going with an almond and flaxseed smoothie.

2 tbsp. peanut or almond butter
1 banana
2 tbsp. flax seed
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp. honey

This may be the healthiest smoothie on our list. Both almonds and flaxseeds are incredibly beneficial for your health. In addition, the melatonin, serotonin, magnesium and tryptophan found in this smoothie’s ingredients are the perfect cure for your restless nights.

Getting a good night’s sleep is as simple as using these basic ingredients and a blender to whip up a healthy snack. It is hard to find both good and good for you in one package, but smoothies can make it happen with the right ingredients.

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Will Crenshaw is a freelance health writer focused on providing insights that help people build healthier and more fulfilling lives. When Will isn’t writing, he loves to cook and hike with his dog Rusty.

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  1. Hi Will,
    Nowadays most of the people are facing trouble in sleeping. Deep sound sleep has lost somewhere in a stressed life.
    I really liked the combination of nutmeg and banana smoothie. According to Ayurveda, nutmeg is useful for sleep. Combining nutmeg with banana is great. I would definitely give it a try.
    Thanks, and keep sharing!